Grumpy, Old Man

Live music

Mrs. Shife and I got some free concert tickets to an outdoor venue near our home.
We need to decide who we want to see.
Who would you choose? 

a) Old Dominion
b) REO Speedwagon
c) Sammy Hagar
d) None of the above
e) Sammy Speedwagon (Kyle and I just finished "Loki" so I have multiverses on the brain and maybe there's a universe where Sammy Hagar is the frontman for REO) 

Right now I am leaning towards "none of the above" because I don't know if mingling with thousands of strangers sounds like a fantastic evening. 
I am not going to lie mingling with a few strangers doesn't even sound fun. 
My transformation to total grumpiness is almost complete.

Weather update

Speaking of hot, it is now just almost gross instead of completely gross.
The spray paint cans should be safe.
We are not in triple digits but it's not too far away.

But now we get to worry about air pollution. 

They are predicting the air quality could remain atrocious until the fall. 
Another reason to go with "none of the above" for the concert. 
I don't know when I turned into an "old man" and talk about the weather all the time.
I think that might be 3 or 4 posts in a row mentioning the weather.
Stay tuned and I might start sharing my favorite BBQ recipes. 
Old and grumpy.
I am such a joy. 

Office Space

I got word that I need to make start working at the office again. 
It will be more than 18 months since I was back with all of my colleagues in person. 
Since we were quite productive working from home, we only need to come in 1 day a week and that is on Mondays. 
We can work from home the rest of the work. 
So I need to not look like an old, grumpy bed troll one day a week.
For the love of engraved banjos, I hope my pants still fit.

Ms. Frizzle

I am not sure how my favorite yellow dog is going to like being home alone again. 
I am projecting here but I think she has gotten quite used to having her humans around.
I might have to get her a fetch robot or get her a lake or pool to keep her happy while we are away.


Meme dump

I will try and do better.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. get the Old Man and the Weather and The Old Man and the Concert! But, as for the concert: I know {b} and {c} but I don't know {a} so I Googled 'em and they get my vote, but then again ... mingling.

    I had gone down to full work at home, then went up to one day at work, and now I do three days at work each week, with the rest at home. My little fur kids are not used to three days gone, but I think they secretly enjoy it!!

  2. Ha ha- "old grumpy bed troll". Reminds me of me. That sucks how long the air quality's going to suck. Wow, now I'm really miserable.

  3. So they're going to have you come in on Monday? They apparently want it to feel like work as much as possible.

  4. I can't believe all those old band guys are still around, I still have my ticket stubs from their concerts in the 80s! Mingling is still a big no for us unless we are sure we are with people who have been vaccinated. Sucks but it is what it is. Everything with the weather and natural disasters is really worrying me, but I'll try not to worry about you until you start yelling at kids to get off of your lawn! ;)

  5. I must know what the wonderful gesture in your new header, provided by the St. Louis Cardinals, means. Please, please, please. I may use it some day.

  6. I'm not ready for the crowds of a concert yet either. Comic Con is in Kansas City next month and I'd love to go, but not this year. I love your memes, especially the computer!

  7. Great article . I like the analogy about introverts. Ok, I followed your blog now. Thx

  8. When you mentioned the pants, I immediately looked at the shorts I'm wearing. I feel you, thoroughly.
    As for not wanting to mingle? Same. I don't want to be near people. Nope. Illinois was at .3 positivity or something like that. It's going back to 1. Idiots.
    And I cannot believe the air quality is going to be that bad. But again, I do. The weather is not forgiving.
    Loved the meme dump. I'm that kitty in the chair, too.


  9. I am unabashedly a grouchy old man so I would say none of the above. But back in the day, I was more REO Speed Wagon than Van Halen.

  10. I would also say none of the above and join you in your grumpitude. I have always called myself a people person, but not so much these days. I'm seeing the annoying and stupid side of too many. That smoke is working its way over here; last summer I thought I would have a mental breakdown between the isolation of the pandemic and the limitations of the smoky air. Bah! Glad your weather has at least "cooled down" a little at least!

  11. I spent my career working from home. At the beginning I had to be in the office on Monday but soon that went by the way side thank God. But 1 day is better than 5 and Monday is better than Friday to me. I am not ready to do concerts but I'd pick Sammy if I were. And these memes were da bomb today!! And lastly Ms Fizzle. She is a beautiful dog. I wonder about all those dogs that were adopted or purchased during the pandemic who will not be left alone and not understand that at all.

  12. ak! Sorry we are sending all our smoke your way.
    So far we can still see our hills so not too bad
    here. Abby tells Frizzle chasing cats while napping
    is a good time and she always wins (unlike reality)
    xoxo :-)

  13. I would go see REO Speedwagon-- Ridin' The Storm Out, come on people!

    Your company sounds very forward thinking. As you know we were productive at my company also and have to come in 5 days a week!

    I am becoming a grumpy old man too. I need to find a replacement for Firefly.

  14. Does anyone actually like to make a phone call anymore? It’s somehow terrifying! Lol! And I’m sad to say I’d pick none of the above. I’ve never heard of Old Dominion and we called b) REO Spudwagon back in college. Also, I never got over the loss of David Lee Roth as singer of Van Halen, so no thank you, Sammy.

  15. I would go with none of the above because I wouldn't want to be in a crowd at this point. Things are getting bad again where I live and mask mandates were just put into place again because of the rising numbers.

  16. REO would be great, but agree with you on all those people. Going back to the office once a week might not be too bad. We're having cooler (sort of) weather too and even a little rain this morning! Yes to the fetch robot; could use one myself :)

  17. Mr Shife, you always have something that has me laughing out loud. None of those bands excite me to the point that I'd be wanting to chance the crowds. Shoot. We have tickets for the Doobie Brothers in September. I'm almost sorry that I bought the tickets, but I have a feeling it will be canceled now that Covid's ramping back up.

  18. Yeah as much as I'd love to go to a concert again, the idea of being anywhere with a room full of people doesn't fill me with joy. Cases are going up and up in the UK and although I've been doubly vaccinated it doesn't stop me getting covid, so I'm still wearing masks and being very careful.

    That's how I sit at the computer too. :D

  19. I never was a concert fan and I'm less so now with the pandemic, so if that makes you a grumpy old man it makes me a very very grumpy old lady and I'd say free tickets aren't worth the risk :) I feel for you there with the heat and air quality. It's hard on even the healthy folks; much worse for those with breathing problems. Poor Ms Frizzle, although maybe she will enjoy having the couch to herself?? Here's to pants that fit. That's why elastic was invented.

  20. I'd go with REO Speedwagon, but only if it wasn't too much trouble and now you'll still have to wear a mask to avoid the smog... I've been in the northern Michigan for the past week and am loving the weather, but it seemed weird that each day the sunrise was getting an hour later (and not rising until well above the horizon). It was the smoke building in from Western fires. Thankfully, the wind and the rain of the past two days cleared things out.

  21. Mingling for me has fallen out of fashion during Pandemic, even tho' we're all fully Vaxxed now and probably won't end up in the Hospital or Morgue, I still don't trust these new variants that are quickly becoming Super Viruses. The unvaxxed are becoming a breeding ground for this Plague and unless Natural Selection speeds up thinning that Herd, they could be the doom of us all. I think I'd forego any of the options... I'm well on my way to becoming a grumpy Old Woman too I think. I hope the return to Office Life even just a Day a Week isn't too overwhelming... I mean, you'll have to get dressed! *Gasp!*

  22. I think I'd opt for none of the above. But I'm not a fan of crowds, noise, or extreme heat. The air pollution map looks bad! We had air quality warnings several days last week, and we're all way on the other side of the country from the fires. I can't imagine how bad it is closer to them.


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