There’s Snow Place Like Home

What's making me happy

Shifley family adventures. 
We went for a hike this past weekend. 
The goal was to try out a new place called Crooked River Trail.

As the crow flies, it is only 60 miles away but since I am fresh out of crows, we had to take a glorified goat trail to get there so the 60 miles took us about 90 minutes. 
Kyle and Hayden were not too pleased that it would take this long but they had no idea that this was just the beginning of me and Mrs. Shife making their lives "awful." 
I can't remember if they said awful or worst day ever. 
It started to look ominous as we noticed more and more snow on the ground as the elevation increased.
Boise is about 2,700 feet above sea level.
We ended up at about 7,000 feet when we got to our destination.
We were also dressed like we were still at home where the temperature was about 75 degrees.
Quick recap: Lots of snow, dressed for the beach and a long, slow drive full of twists and turns.
And if I plug that into the parenting handbook calculator, I get: 

At least Ms. Frizzle was happy.
Mostly because she got to get out of the car and she was dressed appropriately.

Kyle and Hayden also realized their parents aren't probably going to survive an apocalypse based on this latest adventure so they have been requesting to attend survival seminars. 
We ended heading back the way we came and found a spot along the river that was better suited for our attire and motivation.

Despite some poor planning, it was a good day and the kids ended up being pretty happy. 
The fact that they also got massive ice cream cones at the end of trip probably didn't hurt.

What's not making me happy

Nothing to report this week. 
I am either getting more forgetful or I am just focusing on the positive. 


Kyle loved his birthday present
Here is some proof:

And a picture of how I am going to see him for the next few years:


Sometimes I forget how Idaho the state of Idaho really is and I was reminded of that fact when I saw this sign at the place we ended up at on our hike:

I hope you rest easier knowing that you have seen the tips for getting along with sheep when you are recreating in Idaho. 
You are welcome.

Go Out On A Meme

I will try and do better.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. After driving 3000 miles over nine days and seeing dozens of wonderous things never seen before, my kids cheerfully replied that the best part of the trip was the ice cream we got as we were entering our hometown.

    I really hope you Idahoians (or however you refer to yourselves) keep that factoid about sheep to yourselves. We Iowans are always asked if we are from the state that produces all those potatoes. I don't want to be asked about the best way to get along with sheep!

  2. I guess they didn't want to make a snowman? At least your intentions were good and Ms. Frizzle liked it! Thanks for showing the birthday video, I was wondering how it went.

  3. Well at least you didn't get you and your family lost this time lol. That video of Kyle is so cute. I guess this was the best birthday ever!

  4. well, kyle certainly seems happy with his birthday present. I'd rather deal with sheep than most humans today.

  5. Glad the trip ended with happy dog, kids and ice cream!
    xoxo :-)

  6. I didn't see anything on the sheep sign about snuggling. I guess that's a good thing it's not there.

  7. That is some miscalculated (and funny) adventure! I've never seen the posters on how to get along with sheep. Maybe I'm going to the wrong areas. Loved Kyle's excitement while opening his present. Now me, I would have put that box in another one to disguise it and squelch the fun for a bit.

  8. Oh my gosh , it really is a comforting thing to read about other parent's less than stellar moments. As the mother of 30 year old adults, allow me to assure you that they will never forget these moments and will laugh themselves stoopid over them any time they find themselves under the same roof. FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

  9. I think it might be a Best Worst Day.
    And if it isn't, well then you have Kyle and Hayden and their survival seminars to save you.
    I will never be able to see a map of the US again without Giant Fried Chicken Chef!.

  10. Remember that about the ice cream at the end of a bad outing.
    I was on an interstate somewhere "out west", and a herd of cattle had to cross the highway. First the cowboys (and girls) stopped us, then the cattle crossed the road. And crossed and crossed and crossed, and they were running. The point is, follow the rules and you'll be able to keep on going.

  11. Hmm, tips for getting along with sheep, huh? Well there's something we could all surely use every day. I think. Reminds me of a saying from a "hilltown" in which I used to live- "*******, where men are men and sheep are scared".
    I'm on vaca next week and we'll be doing a bunch of hiking in the western end of NC. I've had so many experiences like yours when my kids were little but whatever. I had fun, they got a treat, life was good...

  12. Awww. Loved seeing Kyle opening up his present. Would love to go on a nature hike. And I'm never prepared for a hike. I dress to warmly or not enough layers.

  13. I am sure I would survive an apocalypse. It is just my luck. Keep taking your kids on those worst experiences ever. It builds a positive foundation for them no matter how much they complain.

  14. For every trip that goes like this one does, there are the unexpected adventures other times. We took many road trips so I can relate to this. I seemed to have the wrong clothing on many occasions and sometimes had to buy jackets or short sleeves, depending on my miscalculation. Kyle seems VERY happy!! And grateful. :)

  15. OMG seeing your Kiddos attire and where you ended up had me LMAOROTF! I talked to my Adult Grandson I raised last Night on Messenger and his recollections of his Childhood are so vastly different than mine that I had to ask him if he was really the Kid I raised? *LOL* So... the Stories and Memories your Kiddos are gonna tell... be prepared they will sound like someone else's Children! *Winks*

  16. What’s bummer! Here, a 60 mile drive south might give you a 5 degree change. Glad your son had a great birthday. I love the Kentucky picture.

  17. I loved my summers in the Idaho mountains back in the late 80s. I hiked and experienced snow each month of the year... It was wonderful.

  18. I used to be able to walk a good distance and not get out of breath..But since wearing the masks for a year, I can barely walk to the car with out wheezing. So I'm pretty sure I'd never make that trek, even with the sheep.

  19. Again, I am jealous of the mountain scenery that you have out in Idaho. I'd have to drive several states over in order to experience that kind of elevation. I had to look it up, but the highest point in Florida is 345 feet. That's it.
    Colin got an oculus for Christmas and loves his. And yes, that is exactly as you will see him for the foreseeable future.

  20. i'm watching altered carbon now so i'd like to warn kyle that v.r. can be a painful experience.


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