Mr. Shife's February Frenzy Day 6

 Mr. Shife's Saturday Shed Cleaning Playlist:

1.     Words As Weapons - Seether


2.     Sweet Things - The Pretty Reckless


3.     When I'm Gone - Dirty Honey 


4.     Glitter Ain't Gold - Whiskey Myers


5.     Simple Man (Acoustic) - Shinedown


6.     Bad Romance - Halestorm


7.     Hey, Hey, My, My - Cross Canadian Ragweed 


8.     Hippies and Cowboys - Cody Jinks


9.     Telephone Romeo - Jason Boland & The Stragglers


10.  Calm Before The Storm - Whiskey Myers


11.  Hard Man to Love - Kevin Fowler


12.  Tequila Eyes - Randy Rogers Band


13.  Carney Man - Cross Canadian Ragweed


14.  The Funeral - Turnpike Troubadours


15.  Number - Cross Canadian Ragweed


16.  Proud Souls - Jason Boland & The Stragglers


18.  Leave Me Alone - Cross Canadian Ragweed


19.  Loud and Heavy - Cody Jinks


20.  Sunrise - Ryan Bingham


21.  Kiss Me In The Dark - Randy Rogers Band


22.  Virginia - Whiskey Myers


23.  Corpus Christi Bay - Robert Earl Keen


24.  Mexican Sky - Cross Canadian Ragweed


25.  Lost And Found - Randy Rogers Band


26.  Alabama - Cross Canadian Ragweed


27.  Bad Weather - Whiskey Myers


28.  Constantly - Cross Canadian Ragweed


29.  Hurricane - The Band Of Heathens


30.  Carry You Home - Cross Canadian Ragweed


31.  Gin, Smoke, Lies - Turnpike Troubadours


32.  Boys From Oklahoma - Cross Canadian Ragweed 


33.  She Likes the Beatles - William Clark Green


34.  Broken - Cross Canadian Ragweed


35.  Oklahoma Breakdown - Stoney LaRue


36.  Sick And Tired - Cross Canadian Ragweed 


37.  Lonely East Texas Nights - Whiskey Myers


38.  Texas Rain - Seven Miles South


39.  Trailer We Call Home - Whiskey Myers


40.  Keep The Wolves Away - Uncle Lucius


41.  Colloquy - Whiskey Myers


42.  Hallelujah - Ryan Bingham


43.  Tonight's Not the Night - Randy Rogers Band


44.  Dimebag - Cross Canadian Ragweed


45.  In My Arms Instead - Randy Rogers Band


46.  17 - Cross Canadian Ragweed


47.  Stone - Whiskey Myers


48.  Wrecked - Turnpike Troubadours


49.  Feet Don't Touch the Ground - Stoney LaRue


50.  Bury My Bones - Whiskey Myers

51.  Southside Of Heaven - Ryan Bingham

I will try and do better tomorrow. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.



  1. As I went down that play list, I thought to myself, "Just how bad was that shed?" Thanks for the photos. I get it now. Job well done.

    1. Thanks, Debby. I am glad it is off my to-do list.

  2. I've never heard any of those songs/artists. and did you get rid of anything, or just put it all back?

    1. I hope I answered your questions on my Day 7 update, anne marie in philly.

  3. Who are these people? Looking at that shed, I started singing "We're going to tear the roof off the sucker, tear the roof off the mother sucker etc."

    1. Sorry about the mystery, Deedles. I go into more details in my Day 7 update.

  4. You must have much warmer weather there to be able to work outside! Looks like you did a good job. It's a good feeling to get that kind of a job done!

    1. Yes, it is, Bonnie. We have had a very mild winter this year.

  5. I don't know whether I want to come back all day and listen to the tunes, or clean something. Tis a puzzlement.

    1. You can be like me and do both, Bob.

  6. I have no idea what genre you like because I’ve never heard of any of them!

    1. Day 7 gives more details, Bijoux.

  7. Well... then there is DH who burned down
    our shed (by accident). And to top it all off
    our hose would not work. Had neighbors
    pointing their hoses over the fence but
    it took the fire department to put it out.
    :-) xoxo

  8. My playlist would be something like 70's and 80's top 40 stuff.... or just a podcast. I always told myself as a kid I would never be like my grandparents or parents and stagnate into an era of music. But here I am.

    1. Yep, here we are, Ed. I am turning into my mom more and more.

  9. That recently looked like our house after moving my Mom's stuff in.


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