Dad Jokes

Since I am a dad, it made sense to title today's blog post "Dad Jokes" because I am going to share a few things that made me laugh this week.
Have you been subjected to a bad dad joke when you were a kid?
In my case, my dad has been making silly, terrible, and weird jokes for a long time and I still remember the first one I heard from him.
I would say, "I'm hungry!" And he would reply with, "Hi hungry, I'm dad!" 
Oh, how I hated that one. 
Now the tables have turned as I get to torment Kyle and Hayden with my bad dad jokes. 

With all of that being said, here is what helped keep me sane this week.

School schedule

I know you guys are probably tired of me talking about the kids going back to school.
Trust me, I am tired of talking about it as well.
Mostly because I don't even know what is going with their schedule as it seems to change every hour.
Here's how it feels when I try to explain to someone else:

It’s almost impossible to keep track of which parents have kids going to school, which are fully remote, and which kids are in a hybrid schedule. 
“Oh, is your kid going to school?” 
“Well, he’s home every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday, unless those days are odd numbers, then the days reverse, and he’s only going until 1 pm and finishing the rest of the day in his bedroom unless we get an Airbnb reservation for his room because we’re broke, then he finishes school at a McDonald’s but not the one down the street, they’re still only open for a few hours a day.” 
“Oh. How do you keep track?”
“I don’t. I totally leave it up to my kids to remember. I ALREADY WENT to school.”

I can relate, Taylor

Logging off video of the week

Kyle filmed this one and I thought he did a great job inserting the slow motion when he did.
It would be a great story if Kyle or Hayden became a proficient filmmaker and they mention they got their start filming log videos with their dad who was bored working from home during COVID-19.

It's a mystery

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

"To err on the side of passion is human and right and the only way I'll live."- Pat Tillman, 11/6/76 - 4/22/04 #GoneButNotForgetten


  1. I also got the 'Hi Hungry, I'm Dad' Dad joke.
    He thought he killed, and I didn't have the heart to tell him.

    When your kids win an Oscar they can show Logging Off outtakes!

    1. I am looking forward to it, Bob. I guess I should hang onto Bob the log for a little bit longer.

  2. I was thinking that there might be a bunch of Covid babies, but since this has been going on for 7 months and I haven’t seen a bunch of pregnant women, I guess not! Maybe they’re just not showing yet?

    I love your description of the hybrid schedule.

    1. Good point, Bijoux. I haven't seen that as well.

  3. good video. and that tweet, before the days of birth control pills! have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you, anne marie in philly. Enjoy your weekend as well.

  4. My dad's humor was toward puns and double meaning. My oldest daughter tuned into his humor too; the two of them were really good. We still see jokes that only could have come from dad. So you hear a lot of "That one's for you, dad (grandpa).

    1. Nice way to keep the memory alive and well, Joanne.

  5. Oooooh, Taylor Swift looks so real without her makeup!

  6. Famous movie makers, eh?
    Get ready for the red carpet.
    takes care, xoxo :-)

  7. The dad jokes...My cousin once embarrassed his kids with his thrown tomatoes joke. I can't remember it, but the punchline was the tomatoes were canned.

    1. Maybe the one about getting rid of lazy tomato employees? Thanks for the comment, JM.

  8. Those are some great funnies. These days you have to look for laughs or else we cry.

  9. It's always fun to see what kind of "logging off" videos your kids are producing! My Dad thought he was funny too, but my sister and I would wait until he wasn't looking and roll our eyes at his humor.
    The meme of Taylor Swift, hahahahahahahaha (whew! that felt good)

    1. We made some more "logging off" videos today. It has been a fun time making them with them.

  10. aww ...18 brothers and sisters......
    Then, we must solve "mystery" : how dad fight boredom before internet ....

    # Happy Sunday.

  11. OMG Dad jokes are the best. Especially if a Dad makes them. Otherwise they're just lame. They just go with Dad jeans and horrible walking shoes. If the Dad is wearing a Polo shirt, he gets points.

    And the school schedule is CRAZY. And another wave of COVID is coming so....

    It would be actually kind of fantastic if one of the kids would go on to be a filmmaker and when they're talking about how they'd started they'd say something like: 'It was 2020 and COVID-19 was a thing...'


  12. our dads, must have had the same joke book..sigh*..

  13. Here's another one:
    Me: Dad, can I have a ____?
    Dad: I don't know. CAN you?
    Groan. Grimace.

    Kyle did a good job on that bit of film, btw. He has a good eye.


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