Random Acts of Shifeness - Happy June?

  • Does 2020 feel like we have been stuck in a horrible infomercial?
    Every time you think it's over, the host hits you with: 
  • We did get some good news as Kyle healed up and he was able to get his cast removed.
    He will be able to even out the tan line at the waterpark this summer. 
  • That was the other good news for Kyle and Hayden as the local waterpark opened it and they were able to enjoy one of their favorite summer activities: Dippin' dots and water slides. 

  • It has been a while since I mentioned the bun buns so here they are: 

  • I appreciate the convenience of being able to order stuff online but all that time I am saving is turning out to be a large inconvenience as I try to deal with their customer support.
  • The treasure I am waiting for is a fancy pair of gym shorts.
    And they are right about long waits being uncomfortable because I ordered the shorts on May 15.
    The shorts should have arrived no later than May 26.
    I know things are a little crazy right now and I would probably be more sympathetic to the company but they didn't exactly answer my question about when I can expect to receive my order. 
    And a one-time-only 20% off coupon for something else that will not be delivered on time isn't going to make Mr. Shife do a happy dance.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

"To err on the side of passion is human and right and the only way I'll live."
Pat Tillman, 11/6/76 - 4/22/04 #GoneButNotForgetten


  1. The "wait! there's more!" gif is absolutely how 2020 has been. We need a new year, stat. Glad Kyle healed well; it must be a relief for him to have that cast off.

    Can you cut off a pair of old sweat pants to make gym shorts? Or is that a little too "homespun" compared to the look you're going for? lol I wouldn't think much of a discount coupon for more delayed purchases either. I hope you get your merchandise soon.

  2. You are right.
    2020 seems to the be the horrible gift that keeps giving. A global pandemic and social and racial unrest. Who knew that an inept, racist president would make both worse? Oh wait. That lady did warn everybody. But her emails am I right?

    Thank goodness you posted the good news about Kyle and that helped me snap out of it. LOL. Going out in the sun is gonna even out that skin tone. And now I want some Dippin'Dots.

    And Jenny is right, Mr. Shife. Go the Surfer Boy look way!


  3. Yeah! For the cast coming off!
    Cute bunnies.
    take care, be safe, xoxo :-)

  4. Glad the cast as come off!

    I've been selling lots on ebay but the courier company I'm using to deliver my parcels is getting slower and slower and of course it's me that's getting blamed for late deliveries. And the truth is I don't know where their parcel is or when it will be delivered either.Contacting someone on Live Chat in India doesn't help.

  5. I've been ordering a lot more online too and with the exception of plants, everything seems to be on schedule. The water park looks very inviting!

  6. That's a righteous tan line. -good to read that the kids are able to have fun at the local water park.

    The 'Dear friend' is LOL.

  7. How wonderful that Kyle has the cast off! I'm glad the waterpark is open now too, I know they both enjoy that. Your bunnies sure are cute! I'll admit that we use Amazon Prime because it is nice to get items we order quickly and without shipping charges. I hope you get your package soon!

  8. The Kiddos and the Bun Buns are Adorable. My Granddaughter has been waiting on her Face Mask Order that is coming on a slow boat from Taiwan for over 2.5 Months now, it's ridiculous how long the order is taking. In the meantime she's making pretty impressive Masks for herself out of Orphaned Clean Socks.

  9. How nice Kyle and Hayden can go to the water park. I'm wondering if pools here will open, though I don't go and have no children or grands about to send.
    I'd disremembered the bunnies. It seems the children have taken good care of them.

  10. our pool is going to open soon, but I'm not sure I'll let them go ...still waiting for second wave..yeah, for Kyle getting his cast off.

  11. Just popped in to say I'm back... couldn't stand not blogging. I wish there was somewhere I could go for a swim, your kids are soooo lucky.

  12. Things are beginning to open up here in Florida. There's not a lot of water parks outside of the central Florida area, but we do have the Gulf, which is quite nice.

  13. Glad to hear that "Kyle healed up and he was able to get his cast removed."..
    aww...look...his hand so smooth...great.

  14. Thank God Kyle has regained his health. I'm happy to see the two of them happy playing water. By the way, don't you just wear your old sweatpants instead of waiting a long time for orders to come?

  15. This has been the year of hell. I hope your son's arm heals well.



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