For The Love of Fat Bassets, Please Go Away

Not you, dear friend. 
No, I am talking about the rain. 
As if 2020 hasn't been a hoot already, we are getting dumped on here in Idaho. 
This is a screenshot from Sunday about how June is going for us:

Did I mention we got rain yesterday and today?
I think we are well over 2.5 inches for the month. 

I guess we are going to have to make some sorta sacrifice to El Nino to make it better. 

I have heard of a rain dance but is there an anti-rain dance? 
Maybe this will work. 

But we have been making the best of it around the Shifley household. 
Kyle and Hayden are baking. 

One of my kiddos doesn't mind taking photos. 
But we are scraping the barrel of things to do because the kids broke out the dominos. 

If we don't get a break in the weather, I am afraid Kyle and Hayden might sacrifice me. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

"To err on the side of passion is human and right and the only way I'll live."
Pat Tillman, 11/6/76 - 4/22/04 #GoneButNotForgetten


  1. That's a change!
    One place I lived in British Columbia
    got 172 inches a year.

  2. I love the picture of Hayden with the cupcakes. It is hard for the kids when they can't go outside but you can't go wrong with cupcakes! I hope the rain clears up soon.

  3. I spent two summers in the Sawtooths in Idaho. The first, the summer of '88, the year of the fires, it was so dry and dusty. One morning, about 3 AM, we got a brief shower and I woke up and could taste the rain. It was so sweet. The second time we received rain that summer, I was on a cross-country solo backpacking trip (at the end of the summer, I was only needed on the weekends). I was caught in a series of thunderstorms, heading toward a pass north of Ryan Peak. It was exciting but also nice to get rain (the lightning was a little frightening). So enjoy your rain!

    1. Glad to hear that you got to enjoy Idaho, Jeff.

  4. The Monsoons are coming soon in the Desert and then it will be both Hot and Humid, ugh! However, it's been Fire Season so perhaps it will give us a break from that?! Dominoes and Cupcakes sounds better than pricing Inventory for my Spaces at the Antique Mall, which is what I've been doing to try to keep busy during Lock Down extended stay.

  5. You be the stream, eh? So that's where all the water's coming from.
    I have to tell you that every time a picture of Haley scrolls up, my heart goes pitty pat. I must need another grandbaby.

  6. Two weeks ago we got six inches of rain between Friday and Monday. Of course, that's Florida and there was a tropical storm in the Gulf. Fortunately for me that weekend, the kids were content to play video games and watch cartoons.

  7. We've been getting pretty hard too; along with wind. Those cupcakes look great! I'm a sucker for cake, mostly chocolate but I'm not fussy :)

    1. I am not too fussy either when it comes to cake, kden.

  8. I am so impressed by the falling dominoes! That's not the way I thought the kids would be playing with them, but it looks like a lot more fun.

    I hope the sun comes out soon for all y'all. In the meantime, enjoy the baked goods!


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