T-Minus 5 Days

We got an email from our school district today letting us know that "supper" would be available for students while schools are still closed.

Some of you might be wondering if I know the definition of interesting.
We call it dinner in our household.
How about you?
Supper or dinner?
It got me thinking about things that might be said differently because of where you grew up.

Soda or pop?
Drinking fountain or water fountain?
Carry out or take out?
Semi-truck or tractor-trailer?
Lightning bug or firefly?
Lollipop or sucker?
Sneakers or tennis shoes?
Garbage can or trash can?
Jammies or pajamas or PJs?

For me, it's pop, drinking fountain, take out, semi, lightning bug, lollipop, tennis shoes, trash can and jammies.

I hope to do better tomorrow.
Stay safe, take care and thanks for being there.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Great question! Here it's supper, pop, fountain (without any qualifier, so we never know if we're drinking out of it or wading in it), tractor-trailer, firefly, sucker, sneakers, garbage can and pajamas. Some overlap with yours, but definitely not all.

    I'm still thinking about your birthday gift. I'm gravitating toward things that will fit in the USB port of my computer, which is kind of limiting, but I wouldn't want it to not get there, right?

  2. Good questions. My answers when I was a child would be different from my answers now because I grew up in the South but I now live in the Midwest.

    As a child: supper, drinking fountain, take out, tractor-trailer, lightning bug, sucker, tennis shoes, trash can, pjs

    Now it would be: dinner, water fountain, fast food, semi, lightning bug, lollipop, tennis shoes, trash can and pjs

    Some are the same for me as my childhood but not all. The big difference for me would be the names for soft drinks. As a child in the South it was Coca-cola or whatever brand name such as Dr. Pepper. Since I've lived in the Midwest it is Pop!

    I love what Jenny said about finding a gift that fits in the USB port! Now that girl is thinking!

  3. What? A birthday? Oooh birthday greetings for the big day.

  4. I think as a kid I was taught dinner was lunch and supper was the last meal of the day. sodie pop, water fountain,take out,semi,lightning bug,sucker,tennie runners,garbage can,jammies..

  5. Ohh that's nice. That they're providing meals for students even though the schools are closed. Many, many kids depend on those to stay alive.

    Now, to the other part:
    Tennis shoes
    Trash can

    Ha. Never thought about it.


  6. This is a hard one because I was born in the north and spent six years there, but then I have been raised in the south by northerners. That just means I used some phrases interchangeably. I say "Soda" more often, but I will still use "Pop". It's almost like being bilingual.

  7. At our house it's dinner ~ soda ~ take-out ~ semi ~ lightening bug ~ SUCKAH!! ~ tennis shoes ~ trash can and pj's or pajamas.

    Your birthday is getting close!

  8. Pop, drinking fountain, take out, semi, firefly, sucker, tennis shoes, garbage can, jammies. And dinner.

  9. pop
    water fountain
    take out
    tennis shoes
    garbage can

    Grew up in Canada and the USA
    and raised 3 kids so who is to
    oh, and dinner.
    xoxo stay safe

  10. My brother-in-law would not sit down to supper unless we said "Dinner is ready." He actually would sit and sulk than come to the table.

  11. We use word "dinner" and "supper" for different meaning: supper for light meal.....


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