T-Minus 14 Days

Insomnia got the best of me last night.
I spent the time that I should have been sleeping looking for the answers to all of my problems.
That website was closed for maintenance.
I ended up on IWSMT and found a few items to share.
I really mean it.
Please, ENJOY!!
I need validation.

Any guesses on what this might be? 

Made me laugh

Made me sad

Hayden trying out a new filter on my computer camera

Hayden trying out another new filter on my computer camera

I am quite striking as a troll, don't you think?  

For the love of fat bassets, I need to try it to save me from myself. 

I hope to do better tomorrow.
Stay safe, take care and thanks for being there.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Accidentally Aging produced a laugh.
    Oh and I love the red hair....

  2. the guy on the door is an actor...
    loves the hair!
    xoxo stay safe, take care.

  3. Always appreciative of your creativity, but I think that pink is better on Hayden than you, my friend :-)

  4. The door is scary enough on it's own without adding Christopher Walken's picture to it! That man has played some spooky roles!

  5. It must have been the night for meltdowns, Mr. S. I think I went through all the stages of grief for how life has changed, all in one night. At least I got it all over with at once. Insomnia is not good. Chin up, every day is a new day.

    Strangely enough, as you may now appreciate, the dog poo was my favourite part of your post today. Go figure :)

    How is Ms Frizzle doing?

  6. Have you tried hair cutting yet?

  7. Why that's Christopher Walken Cooler of course. Happy Easter.

  8. A walk-in fridge or freezer. I like Hayden's second pic; looks like a neighbor girl, ha!


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