Random Acts of Shifeness - Post 50 Countdown

  • I lasted 4 days without blogging. I am not sure what my blogging schedule will be like moving forward but it's definitely going to be more than once per week. 
  • Thanks again for taking part in my countdown to 50.
    It was a lot of fun (please, please, pretty frickin' please tell me you feel the same way) and you helped make my birthday feel even more special. 
  • I can't take Kyle and Hayden anywhere these days. Not because of COVID-19 but because it looks I have been beating them. Hayden got a black eye last week from running into a door and Kyle broke his wrist on Monday after he fell from a fence. He's getting his cast next Monday.

  • Here's a picture of me with Emilio, Rob, Judd, and Andrew while we were taking a break we from filming "St. Elmo's Fire." I look like an 80s heartthrob, right? A friend of mine from work decided to photoshop in me and I think I fit right in. 
  • He also did it last year on my birthday as he gave most of the Shifley family a makeover.
    Mrs. Shife became Bill Murray, Kyle turned into Nicolas Cage and Hayden was Captain Marvel a.k.a Brie Larson.

  • Mark Shifley? No, It's Matt actually.
    Boise, NJ? I could see Iowa but New Jersey. They aren't even near each other in the alphabet.
    Thank the fat bassets they got the zip code right or who knows when my package might have ended up. 

  • It's better than being Phil Shifley I guess. And it's pronounced Shife-Lee, DirecTV.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

"To err on the side of passion is human and right and the only way I'll live."

Pat Tillman, 11/6/76 - 4/22/04 #GoneButNotForgetten


  1. Oh my, I do remember the accident prone days with my two boys and my grandchildren too for that matter. My grandson was the worst and seemed to make frequent trips to the emergency room. I hope both of yours heal quickly and resist further accidents!

  2. Ouch your poor kids. That black eye looks nasty and I bet the broken wrist is painful. I hope they recover soon.

    Great photoshop job! :D

  3. Where did you say you lived....oh yes I remember.... Accidentproneville. Hope you all get well soon.
    I do hate it when names are mispelled, my maiden name was painful. Tomes.... frequently written as Toms, Thoms, Thames (yes), Tims, etc. I was glad to get married to change my name.

  4. Kids gonna be kids. We basically survive childhood and then survive high school. Life bootcamp.
    Hysterical that the package actually got to you! Darn!
    And it was a blast the whole 'getting to 50' thing. Really.
    You married to Bill Murray would be a gas.


  5. Ouch!!
    Youngest T broke his ankle
    by running backwards and side
    ways in PE - his own idea.
    stay well! xoxo :-)

  6. Your kids had a rough week - which means you and your wife had a rough week too ... hope everyone feels better quickly.

    I remember that cable ad - it was funny! Name pronunciation can be a landmine :)

  7. I did enjoy your birthday countdown, you are (as always) very clever and funny. It's always fun to see/read your posts!

    Oh, the black eye! And I'm sorry for the broken arm too ~ I'm still healing up from my broken arm, but then I'm old and it takes awhile.

    You will find out in about 10 years that 50 is still a pretty cool age. 60 + is just a tiny bit more challenging! :-)

  8. Those children certainly have taken a beating. They need to go back to school, and I have no solution for that. Chin up, pops.

  9. You're toughing up your kids! Being out of school and having a broken arm is a pain. Looks like you'll be enjoying your new decade.


  10. Nice Brat Pack line-up. Maybe your buddy could photoshop you into a still from The Outsiders as well? :D

    Poor kiddos! That shiner would probably get you arrested were you not in quarantine mode.

  11. dylan is almost 14 months old and he walks/runs and falls down about 13 times a day..he's got bumps, bruises cuts and a bad attitude..

  12. Great post and a great countdown. Poor kids and sadly they don't have good stories to tell their school friends. You fit in nicely with the brat pack :)

  13. oh, God....
    wish both kids getting better soon...and doing happy things again.


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