T-Minus 31 Days

I thought it was 30 days but the machine says 31 days.
And I am not going to argue with a machine.
Unless it's a washing machine.
They are the dumbest.

Wish me luck as I will try to blog every day until April 24, which is the anniversary of my birth, and this year's birth is a significant one because it means I will be starting a new decade. 
My fifth decade. 
How did that happen? 

Looking forward to sharing the countdown with you and seeing where this adventure takes us. 
It should be fun. 
It's not like we are all quarantined or something like that. 😀
Hope you are well, stay safe and I will talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald 


  1. I'm right behind ya with a July 50th B-Day. Woot.

    Enjoy, if that's the right word, your daily blog sessions!

  2. Yay! Happy Bday Month!
    My bday was in March: I'm an Aries, so your sign comes right after mine.
    Taurus men are supposed to be careful and thoughtful. And very loyal. Good qualities!
    Looking forward to seeing what you blog about.


  3. Stay safe in Shut Downville.
    They are now running the
    WW2 cleanup shutdown and
    the nuclear plant with
    minimum persons.

  4. Daily blogging is almost like a chore (not that I don't enjoy it). You just know that you need or want to do it and set aside the time. Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. You've thrown out an entire day in your calculation by machine. Only as smart as you make it, and you didn't tell it to include the day you started or the day you ended. Your choice.
    Happy fiftieth! You will like it.

  6. may God bless all of us till your 50th birth day...

    stay safe and virus free

  7. Alright, let's get this party started....at home...by ourselves.

  8. Don't you have to tick the box that says "include end date in calculation"? Hey, I'm a Taurus, too! Fifty? You're still just a kid :)

    I didn't realize you were posting every day so I have some catching up to do.


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