T-Minus 26 Days

Here are some scenes from the last week:

Sledding at the Bruneau Sand Dunes

We almost brought enough sand home with us to form our own sand dune. 

Virtual concert with the lovely Mrs. Shife. We were supposed to see the band in early May but that has been postponed for the time being. 

Kyle and Hayden doing doodles with Mo. He has written quite a few books and the kids love "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus."

Exploring Owhyee County with two of my favorite girls.

The Yoda Bush is blooming. 

Do you see the resemblance? 

I had to make this one a little bigger to let you see the lawbreaker in action. 

The kiddos enjoying some sunshine while playing Kerplunk.

Two of the memes I saw this past week that made me chuckle.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald 


  1. Wow - that Yoda bush really does look like Yoda.

    Ms Frizzle looks unrepentant on the playground equipment :)

    Your weather looks a lot nicer than ours! That must be a bit of a help for the kids, to be able to go outside.

  2. You have a beautiful family! I really enjoyed these pictures. It almost made me feel like I got to go out. I love the Yoda bush! I have never seen that and you are right, it does look like Yoda. You guys all take care.

  3. 'Do you see the resemblance?' I certainly did. I agree with Bonnie about your family and I certainly like the pictures. Keep on carrying on.....

  4. First of all, Mrs. Shife is very pretty. Yep. Very.
    Then on to the sand... dear Jeebus. I cannot imagine the cleaning.
    And it's great the kids are going out (while keeping social distancing). The transition to e-learning is going to take a minute to get used to, I bet.
    About that Yoda bush...


  5. Glad you got to go out.
    We had a wind storm day.

  6. It took me a second to locate the "law breaker".

  7. Those dunes look like fun! Aren't Labs natural born rule breakers? That bush is cute :)

  8. Love the rabbit ears, courtesy of Hayden. And yes, that Yoda bush is a Yoda doppleganger.


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