Random Acts of Shifeness - First Post of the Decade

  • Does absence make the heart grow fonder?
    I guess we will find out as it has been 3 whole weeks since I last spoke with you. 
  • My apologies as I was on an extended vacation and really, really enjoying not having a lot of obligations. I could get used to that. 
  • My biggest accomplishments were becoming addicted to WordScapes and setting a new consecutive day napping record. 10 days for those of you scoring at home.

  • Napping is also a lot easier when you have two dogs holding you hostage to a couch. 
  • And, even though I have puppy fever, we didn't get a new dog. The white dog is Nash and we watched him for a few days over the holidays.
  • With those two big achievements, it's hard to imagine me doing anything else but I did. I started a new Instagram channel where I posted some of my favorite recipes.
  • It hasn't really taken off like I imagined. 
  • What else happened since we last talked? We got snow.
  • Kyle is playing basketball.
  • And Hayden got the flu and we need a new furnace. 

  • But you take the good with the bad and you take them both and there you have the facts of life.  All in all, we are great and I hope you are too. Happy New Year!!

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Your vacation sounded great! So sorry about the flu, and needing new heater though. Nothing says the holidays like an expensive appliance needing replacement :-(

    The napping looks stellar, doing a bit of that myself.

    Happy New 2020!

  2. And that's why we get a line of credit on our house! Good luck with your new furnace. Keep warm.

  3. Tony's been playing Wordscape too although Faith and I have to help with that last word, ha. Sorry about the new furnace; timing sucks sometimes :( Glad you're back.

  4. If you napped that many days in a row, you must have needed it. Sorry Hayden was sick. Kids are always bringing home germs of some kind; hopefully that was it for awhile. A new furnace is a major expense. Hopefully THAT was it for awhile too. Good to have you back, Mr. S.

  5. Not gonna lie, I did read-sing that bit of Facts of Life song.

    Do the ruffled chips go in the bologna sandwich? I might eat if only if French's mustard is in there somewhere as well.

    Snow days look fun. Flu is bad.

  6. Vacations and flu should be parted immediately. Hope you are okay now. I have been unable to touch the computer for a couple of weeks and when I get back I find that folk cannot leave comments on my blog. Hope things right themselves without too much effort from me.

  7. Having been back from the States for a week I've been napping in the day and then wide awake all night. Jet lag is a bitch, and so is having to buy a new furnace.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Glad all is going relatively well. :-)
    Weather is crazy up here.
    Hopefully all the tumbleweeds are done
    xoxo :-)

  9. I should try WordScapes… sound interesting.
    Glad to see your photos....

  10. i swear everyone in Texas is sick, but me..and I'm knocking on wood as I type this..them kiddo's..soooooo cute.

  11. Ha.
    To tell you the truth, your vacation sounds suspiciously like mine. Sans the furnace problem, of course!
    The doggie bundle looks like fun.


  12. Nice article. I hope you are always healthy and blessed

  13. Definitely glad to hear your vacation was better than mine. I love seeing the snow pictures, as that is something we never have here. I do have fond memories of snow days from when I was a kid up north.


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