Random Acts of Shifeness - The Pogo Show

  • Hayden got a pogo stick for her birthday. 
  • Hayden really likes her pogo stick.
    It's too cold to pogo outside so Hayden does it in the house.
    Her goal is to set a new record for jumps every day.
    Hayden's current record is 261 jumps. 
  • Do you know what pogo is an acronym for?
    I am almost positive it's
    "Parental Oaf Grieves Outlandishly/Openly/Often/Obnoxiously" 
  • It was hard to pick the right O word so I went with often.
  • Did I choose correctly?
  • This the reason for the grief:

  • Boing.
    All. Day. Long.
  • Help me baby Jesus. 
  • But it's hard to get too upset with her because she's pretty darn adorable.
    I even have more proof. Here's her school photo: 

  • I told Hayden that if Kyle wants to borrow her pogo stick then he should probably wear a cup. 

  • I hope everyone is well and thank you for stopping to say hello. Talk to you soon and have a great weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Maybe I'm missing something but in the last gif shouldn't the guy on the left be grabbing his injured parts, not the guy on the right? Maybe it's a sympathy grab? In any case, OUCH.

    As for the boing boing boing boing . . . if kids didn't do stuff like that their parents would never have any good stories to tell. Just make sure to tell her over and over when she's a grown up :)

  2. Hayden :-)
    Yes, tell the story to every
    new date allowed thru the front

  3. She's pretty close to the cutest, sweetest, nicest young girl I know, and I'd let her have a pogo stick and use it indoors.

  4. Never had a pogo stick, nor did Faith. She had a hula hoop which she got pretty good at; wasn't too annoying. When I was young I had one of those huge balls you sit on and bounce; I'd be going down the street bouncin' on my big ball...

    Her school pic makes it all worth it :)

  5. Geez you only hope the novelty wears off before the flooring does. What are you buying her for Christmas? An electric drill?

  6. Hayden will have the strongest calves on the block with all that pogo-ing. Good idea about avoiding Kyle racking himself in the scranus with that thing. You officially scared me off pogo sticks for life.

  7. Would it be stupid of me to cry I WANT ONE? I mean, why should the youngsters have all the fun?

  8. aww...I wish to have fun with pogo....

    # Your daughter looks so happy

  9. Oh, man that is great! I got a kick-n-go for my 8th birthday. It was nice, but it was NO pogo stick.

  10. I think my kids had one for a time..I never did..didn't interest me at all..and oh man ..yes she is adorable..but I'd still go screaming down the hall after about 10 minutes.

  11. That was the laugh I needed this morning. Good luck with the pogo stick.


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