Random Acts of Shifeness - More Weekly Winners

  • GIF of the week: I think this guy might be taking the whole early bird gets the worm thing in a very different and very weird direction.

    • Quote of the week: "It doesn't get easier. You get better." - Unknown 
    • Hack of the week: Since we are in the middle of the cold and flu season.
    • Screenshot of the week: I got several unwanted friends on my neck recently. It seemed a little out of the ordinary so I thought I would ask Google to see what was up. And it turns out I am going to have my period. I know I am going through some changes physically as I am getting older but I wasn't aware of this one. 

    • Recommendation of the week: Cutting the cord. I finally canceled my DirecTV after almost 20 years and I am OK with it. 
    • Horrible book selection of the week: Cringeworthy title but it actually has a lot of favorable reviews on Amazon. 

    Thanks for stopping by. I will talk to you soon.

    I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

    Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


    1. We're just fine but boring...:-)
      We are also trying to figure out
      Thanksgiving. Travis might be
      in Costa Rica next week then here?
      We are still waiting for all our
      frozen leaves to fall.

    2. Great quote! Of course I got better at making it look easier.

    3. I'm so pleased you enlightened me about thingies on the neck. It promoted a hearty laugh when I read it. Have a great weekend.

    4. Birds more often get the better of dogs than the other way around ~ as your clip so aptly shows ~ haha.

      Wow, I had no idea that men have periods.......although this might explain a few things. :-)

      So have you given up watching tv? Or are you sticking to the free channels on the airwaves? I'm interested to know.....

    5. You sure find the most interesting things online!

    6. Oh my, that book at the end! LOL

      And . . . poor doggo :)

      Hope you're avoiding all those cold and flu germs, Mr. S.

    7. Thanks for the bad book rec. I will never read it.

      Sorry to hear Aunt Flo is coming for a visit. Hope she doesn't stay long!

    8. aww...strong bird....dog looks so weak....quite funny, hehehe....lol

      Have a wonderful day

    9. I'm with you on cutting the cord on cable. I've been more satisfied with the streaming content, provided it has some aspect of a 'Live TV' option. I've always been a "Let's see what's on" kind of guy. I think I held off for so long simply because when I was just starting out on my own, having cable was a barometer of whether or not I was struggling. Now? Internet and streaming all the way, even if the internet is still from that same cable company.


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