Random Acts of Shifeness - All The Creatures

  • Ms. Frizzle is the first lab I have ever been owned by so their habits are not as familiar to me as a basset hounds. But is trying to chase a ball up a slide normal? One of her favorite things in the world is when we throw the ball up the slide and Frizz attempts to go get it. She has actually got fully into the slide a few times.  

  • Fort Snowball is fully operational. We moved his hutch to the former location of the mud pie factory and put up a fence so he can roam around and stretch out those bunny legs.  

  • Kyle changed his other mind and went as Super Mario riding Yoshi for his Halloween costume instead of Batman. And Hayden dressed as a leprechaun must have been his lucky charm because he won a cake at the very first game he played at the school carnival. They have had some great costumes over the years but these are two of my favorites. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Like the bunny enclosure :-)
    Labs we have known have ranged from
    dignified (one of my parent's dogs)
    to bat-poop crazy (Tar).
    Loves the costumes! :-)

  2. Lab's are pretty intelligent dogs. When I was a kid we had one in the neighborhood (like kids, dogs were sent out all day, to come home with the streetlights) who would run up the slide and down the steps to retrieve anything we threw up and over the slide. Remember, when I grew up slides were shiny metal things.

  3. The kids' costumes are super cute.

    I didn't realize you all had a pet bunny. I wonder if he lets you pick him up and hold him like you would a cat. I would like to have a bunny as a pet only if it were cat-like.

  4. The bunny enclosure is great; will it be warmed for winter use? We've never watched a yellow lab so can't help you there, ha. Love the costumes; Kyle looks like a mini you and Hayden is adorable as usual.

  5. I don't know much about most dogs. We had a beagle/bluetick hound when I was growing up; she was the runt of the litter so was smaller than you'd expect. So Labs are a mystery to me too.

    Ms Frizzle is lucky to have two active kids to play with!

    And those costumes are awesome! I would say your kids look a bit excited about Halloween :) (and there are still nearly two weeks to go!) I can imagine how tuned up they'll be by the 31st :)

  6. Bunnies do like space so you've done him a huge service by extending his plot.

    That's some moustache Kyle is wearing.

  7. Love the costumes, your kids look super cute! I was sort of hoping the Sioux (lab + greyhound mix) would be smart, and she is but it is a very selective intelligence. :-)

  8. I've owned a number of Labs. They tend to chase balls (and squirrels) just about anywhere. Like humans, they have varying degrees of intelligence. Our current Lab, named Tank, is about as dumb as they get, but he is very enthusiastic. He would probably run up a slide.

  9. From that second gif it looks like Kyle is hitting Ms Fizzle with a stick. :D

  10. I love that dog..how funny..and the costumes are terrific..

  11. kids look attractive, especially with moustache...

    Happy Halloween


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