Random Acts of Shifeness - No Balls

  • Posting early because I have a three-day weekend. Yay me!!!
  • Kyle and I had a good little chuckle at Captain Snowball's expense.
    And it's also further proof that I have the mentality of a young boy when it comes to humor. You see Snowball is fixed so it occurred to me that Snowball = no balls. So he is actually Captain No Balls.
    Like I said, Kyle and I thought it was hilarious. Hayden and Mrs. Shife not so much.
  • I thought this statement was an interesting reflection on today's society:
    "We are now listening with the intent to reply instead of listening with the intent to understand."
  • The basset below found a new toy when she went for a walk with her owner somewhere in the U.K. You can read all about the details if you want right here

  • Kyle has now listened to Van Halen. He remembered a song that began with the letter P from the new "Lost in Space" series on Netflix. Turns out it was "Panama." I am not sure if he likes the song anymore after he watched the video. This is definitely one of those videos that didn't age well. 
  • Hayden saw a picture of her first-grade class and said to me, "I had a good run." Sometimes I am not prepared for things she tells me. It's hard to believe she's only 7.
  • The keto experiment is over. I went for 17 days and had enough. I have spoken about my mental health issues numerous times on this blog and the low-carb diet was really affecting my mood and energy. It's not worth it to be grumpy for a whole month. 
  • I recently finished watching "Dark" on Netflix and now I am watching "OA." Both of the shows are pretty darn good. 

Well, that is enough from me this week. I hope you are well, thank you for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Abby is still shocked you have a bunny -
    with, or without, reproductive organs!

  2. As Hayden said, I too have had a good run. Kudos to her for noticing so soon.

  3. Oh my word that video hasn't stood the test of time has it?

  4. I like Hayden's expressions. and her only 7. Amazing.
    I just can't imagine you being grumpy. Nah, pull the other one, Matt.

  5. Oh that Basset, that's funny! No diet or way of eating is worth feeling awful over, go have a donut :)

  6. I can't recall the Panama vid, but I can only imagine...
    I can, however, remember Tawny Kittaen (sp?) slinking all over an automobile in that Whitesnake video.

    Enjoy the 3-day weekend!

  7. Like the saying goes, you gotta know when to hold 'em , and know when to fold 'em - you're smart to know when to pack up the keto wagon and go home.

    How is Ms Frizzle doing now vis a vis the bunny?

    Hayden's comment is hilarious.

  8. I think you're 7 year old should get with my 7 year old gg..they are cut from same cloth..Olivia is so dry and sarcastic..

  9. your kids expressions are great.
    Hope, bunny enjoy to live with kids

  10. Colin is hooked on Van Halen now too. If nothing else, I am glad that he has incorporated 'classic rock' and some of my other music into the modern stuff that he likes.


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