Random Acts of Shifeness - Labor Day 2019

  • Looking forward to the long weekend. I thought it was strange that we were not going anywhere but I looked back at my 10-year journal and we usually stick around town on Labor Day weekend. We mostly go to the water park and I scare children with my pasty skin. If we go this year I can work on my British accent and say "Out of my way you bronzed rotisserie chickens!" Or I might finally get that "Pasty Is Indeed Tasty" on my lower back. 
  • Captain America meets the cello. 

  • Kyle joined orchestra this year and the cello is the instrument he wants to play. I am looking "forward" to his daily practicing. 
  • I forgot to share Hayden's latest work of art so here it is. And this also reminded that I need to find those two an after school art program. They had a good one at their school but it was dropped because of low participation. 
  • Well, it's time for my September challenge and this might be the most challenging one yet. I am going to try the keto diet so I guess that makes it Ketoember. Oh, that's horrible. Please forgive me for making you have to read that. 

  • Here are all of the monthly challenges if you have lost track like I did:
    January = Dry
    February = No added sugar
    March = Blog every day
    April = Paleo diet
    May = Less clutter
    June = No social media
    July = No Amazon purchases
    August = No tomatoes
  • Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your weekend and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Wait, what? August, no tomatoes? I missed that. Why no tomatoes?? Are you a seed-ist? A lypocine-ist? Out with it, man! What did tomatoes ever do to you?! You should be very proud of sticking to your challenges, by the way.

    Good luck with the keto diet (heavy cream ... mmm), and I hope you can find an art program. I'm impressed by your daughter's artwork and by your son's choice of musical instrument. It's fascinating, isn't it, to see kids grow and develop interests and find their own path in life. My kids are all grown up but now I get to see the grandchildren (and our grandnieces and grandnephews) following their interests.

  2. Perhaps he doesn't like tomatoes, Jenny_o. He does need to get those kids into an art program!
    My sister and her husband tried the keto diet once. I remember her saying to her husband, Remember, if we do this, it will be for life! They lasted less than a month.

  3. Guitar for J and, of course, we ended up with
    a rock band in the basement for 4 years...

    xoxoxoxox to all! :-)

  4. Your two budding artistes must be your pride and joy, Matt. I can't wait for them to be grown up and famous.

  5. Did you just put that -no tomatoes- thing in to see if we were paying attention? Good luck with the Keto, I don't know much about it but it sounds a lot like low carb which I did like for the most part. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  6. May the cello-playing go well!

    Ketoember sounds like it could be interesting. Good luck with the dietary changes!

  7. cello remembered me to the intro to one of James bond films.... great instrument...

    it is nice to practice British accent during labor day....

    # Happy labor day

  8. My oldest niece took up playing the cello in middle school and it carried through her high school years. She had stints in several youth symphony groups. It's not as bad as you think. Colin is into drums now...


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