Random Acts of Shifeness - Emotions

  • It has been a week. 

  • Where should I start? 
  • I wore a suit. 
  • Not that kind of suit.
  • I only wear my birthday suit when I write my blog.
  • Enjoy that imagery.

  • I was wearing a regular suit. It's definitely unusual for me to wear one and it brings out some feelings like I am glad I don't have to wear suits on a regular basis. 
  • The reason I suited up is because I applied for a promotion at work and I got grilled for 4 hours during the interview process. I did well and felt really good about everything but the part that really stinks is that towards the end of the interview I had a change of heart and felt like I didn't really want the promotion. 
  • It's down to me and one other person and I am not sure what I am going to do if I get the job. 
  • In the back of my mind, I thought that I was I thinking what I was thinking to help soften the blow if I don't get it but I honestly don't know if I want it. 
  • It would involve me being a supervisor and some folks are cut out for that work and I just don't know if I am one of those people. 
  • I do have concerns about disclosing this information on my blog because anyone can read it, including some of my colleagues, but I want to be honest. 
  • Maybe I will feel better about it after the weekend but right now I am feeling ...

  • So that happened and then this happened ... Hayden went missing for 2 hours at the local water park. 
  • Mrs. Shife and I give the kids a lot of freedom and she certainly tested that today. 
  • I am the worrier in the family but the messages I was getting from my lovely wife made me really concerned because she is usually more calm and stable in situations like this. 
  • Fortunately, Hayden heard her name being paged and showed up but there was a lot of chaos going in my head wondering what was going on and where was my baby girl. 
  • Grateful that everything turned out OK. 
  • In the meantime ...

  • Well, that is all for this week. Hope you are well, thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. Take care.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Interesting post & quote

  2. I'm certainly glad all is well with Hayden. It's good to give children a certain amount of freedom, but yeah, parents end up paying the price for that until you are certain they are capable. Even now, even though my kids are in their 30's and early 40's (Oh! when did that happen?), I freak out. Like the time my Mom called me to tell me my oldest was in jail ~ which wasn't true, it was a call from a fraudster trying to separate her money from her possession ~ I spent a good 30 minutes calling both sons, my ex-daughter in law (awkward), and my current daughter in law. Sweaty times, my friend. :-)

    Promotions. In your situation, I would say to myself: I've done my best, and now it's up to someone else. Then let it go! And if you do get it, despite the fact you've sort of changed your mind, the best managers I've ever had were REAL people. They had doubts. They were sometimes slow to make decisions. They considered the overall picture. You'll do fine at first, and better than fine later. Hey, and maybe they'll give it to the other candidate ~ regardless, it'll be Miller time after.

  3. It sounds like in your gut you know this position wouldn't be a good fit; honor those feelings and pass on the opportunity if you do get it. Oh, that Hayden! Glad she is OK :)

  4. xoxoxox to Hayden and XOXOXOX to her
    T went missing here recently, I don't
    worry so much since human to human
    communication can be put aside for
    work. BUT this work had him in
    Barcelona, Spain...
    Bestest wishes to you and your
    endeavors. :-)

  5. Glad the adventure ended well for your wife, and Hayden. I expect you made it a teaching moment and Hayden now understands the importance of announcing she's off and where she's going, and to return and announce if her plans change.
    I understand your job hesitations. It will mean giving up your blog, easier than never again mentioning work. After that, it's easy, and no one here will criticize you.

  6. Oh, my - how scary to have your little girl come up missing for that long. I'm so glad it turned out okay. To go through that, along with the promotion worries, I can understand the weeping in the bathroom reaction. I've never been in a supervisory position but my husband has in a number of jobs. His method is to get to know each person and the job they are responsible for. He listens a lot. And it's not just one and done - he makes it a regular thing. That's not the usual management style but it works for him. Not sure if that's part of your worry, but it's all I've got :) Good luck, whatever you decide.

  7. I hope Hayden wasn't too freaked out by having been MIA for two hours. :S

    My thumbs are 'sideways' for ya re: job interview!

  8. I enjoy with images too...
    great adventure and ended great for your girl.

  9. hey, even I wear underwear.


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