Random Acts of Shifeness - Media Day

Lots of media to share today. And most (I actually typed "moist" and obviously fixed it but some people have a strong reaction to that word and that's why not all of my shareables might be liked) of it good.

  • First up we have some footage of Hayden at her Shakespeare performance. You might have to make it full screen to see it but she winks about 3 seconds into the video clip. I winked at her and she saw so she returned the favor. Winking at each other is our thing now. We used to give each other thumb's up but we have moved on to the wink. 

  • Next up we have some words of wisdom from Kyle when I was looking for Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage at the store. 

  • More words of wisdom from an Alaskan tourist guide. I'm not going to lie as I would have probably drawn my moose the same way. 

  • I would love to have a service pizza. 

  • A bucket full of Hayden. Hard to believe she was ever that little. And look how short that hair was? It took forever to grow and now she wants to get it super, super long. 

  • I tried to look at my blog when we were at the YMCA last weekend. Didn't happen. Their wifi wasn't a big fan of my blog content so I got that going for me. 

  • I vaguely remember this. I think I was doing a lot of ball fondling because Kyle was just a few months old so Mrs. Shife wasn't interested in cuddling with me at all. But the fallopian swim team is no longer at full strength since I got fixed a few years ago. 

  • Did you know that I was the captain of the fallopian swim team? I was a stud back in the day. 

  • Well, that is all for this week. Hope you are well, thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. Take care.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. In Canada I was talk Shakespeare by
    a South African. All immigrants got
    sent to the outlands so we had to learn
    to translate a bunch of different
    xoxoxoxox to all :-)

  2. I'm howlin' at the swim costume. Well done.

  3. Haydn is a star, you better believe it. It sounds as though she is going to be a very fashionable girl when she's older.

  4. I think 'nighttime sausage' may be a thing here in the south. Sorry for not being able to comment last week. As you saw, it's been a pretty busy week m

  5. Oh man, gotta love kids that leave you in stitches! And your blog being blocked?! Perish the thought.

  6. I'm convinced that comedians extract their funniest jokes from stuff they hear kids say....night time sausage indeed. :-)

    Hey! You look great in that outfit! I would double dare you to wear it to work, but I have a feeling you would take me up on it.

    Enjoy your weekend. Your kids are so cool. They must take after Mom.

  7. You are definitely an original, Mr. S.!!

  8. wow...great...swim costume....

    love to watch the video...

    Have a great weekend


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