Random Acts of Shifeness - Camp Week

  • Kyle and Hayden both had camp this week. It was a little bonkers at Casa de Shifley trying to organize everyone's schedules but we all survived. 
  • Kyle was at animation camp. He worked on stop motion and you can see the results of his efforts right here
  • Hayden was at drama camp. She worked all week performing a variation of Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona." Naturally, she was nervous and anxious at the beginning of the week because it felt a little overwhelming learning all of her lines but it all turned out good. 

  • I will not be a sinus model.
  • Here's what normal sinuses looks like:

  • Here's what my sinuses look like: 

  • Instead of a straight line, my septum takes a hard left and is a hot mess. I got headbutted in college that caused some trauma to my nose and now it's no bueno. Lots of snoring and sinus infections. One of my options is surgery but I don't know if I want to do that so I am hoping I can live with it. 
  • It should be an interesting weekend in the place I call home. Garth Brooks is performing an outdoor concert and 40,000 people are descending on downtown Boise. They also decided it would be OK to serve booze so an investment in a police scanner might be a worthwhile investment to hear about all of the shenanigans tonight. 
  • Maybe I am getting too old but I think the politically correct language is getting ridiculous. Berkeley, California banned gendered language like manhole covers. They will now be called maintenance covers.  
  • Since I decided to make my blog the official unofficial blog of Bill Murray, here's your Bill fact of the week: In 2000, Bill was so tired of dealing with his agents that he fired them and set up an automated 800 number instead. As reported by the National Post, he rarely ever got to the messages. As a result, he’s missed out on many a movie role. 
Thanks again for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Sounds like a fun summer for the
    Some idiot set a fire on the
    Hanford reservation and we are
    up to 42,000 acres and 60%
    contained. Luckily it was started
    at the north end.

  2. I always wondered what my sinuses looked like; but I don't have the issues you do. I've heard surgery is a b*^%h so I hope you don't have to go through it. I just heard about the manhole covers today; I agree, it's a bit ridiculous.

  3. Sinuses should be abolished, they're nothing but trouble.
    I have much praise for Hayden. Learning anything by Shakespeare would be hard work.

  4. I'm a transman but I don't care what anyone calls a manhole cover, but I do care about what they call me.

  5. Hmmm...I do believe Kyle illustrated the nose job you referenced.
    Kudos to Hayden; Shakespeare is hard, hard work, too.

  6. Kyle's animation is super! Love the strawberry in the car race - ha ha

    Ouch on the sinuses - sinus infections are not fun. My best advice - for anything - is to find a specialist you have confidence in, and trust them to help you decide.

    Good for Hayden for taking on Shakespeare - that's awesome!

  7. Ouch! on what's going on with your sinuses. May you be able to deal with it sans surgery!

    I had read about the gendered language issue in Berkeley as well. I don't quite see the point and am more concerned about issues like equal pay & stamping out sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Both camps for the kids sound super cool. My friend's 9-year-old attended drama camp this summer as well. They were to put on an adaptation of Willy Wonka.

  8. interesting and fun for children...
    one of great summer program

  9. what a great summer for them..I love Bill Murray...and I bet he doesn't give a big ole rats butt he missed out on those movies..
    maintenance covers? omfg


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