Random Acts of Shifeness - Screenshots

  • Or do you prefer screen grabs?
    Or maybe you like screen shots?
    I have spent way too much on this subject but I have decided to publicly admit that I'm moving forward with screenshots as my preferred term of capturing whatever is showing on the computer or mobile screen. 
  • And I have a few screenshots to share as I saved a few before I gave up social media. 

Kyle would've been 4-years-old when he shared this gem with me.
Still not sure how it was my fault. 

Hayden was 3 when she broke her foot after jumping out of a tree. I think it slowed her down for about 1 week before she made the necessary modifications to get back to almost full speed.
And our old friend Tank is photobombing. 

Kyle discovering the fastest way to get the skee ball high score. I don't remember how old he was in this photo. I'm guessing 4 or 5 based on Hayden's hair length. 

Kyle would have been around 6-months-old in this photo. We were at a football game and the team started to sing the school song which startled Kyle a bit and I captured that look just in time. 

And we still miss Ted. The Shifleys (OK everyone but Mrs. Shife) are going through puppy fever. I want a basset hound, Kyle wants a golden retriever and Hayden will go with the winning side. It doesn't make sense and it's definitely not a good time but we can still think about it, right? 

Thank you for swinging by and I will talk to you soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. The picture of Kyle reacting to singing is absolutely fantastic. Great post, even if you're not doing social media at the moment.

  2. Kyle is a clever fella. :D

    Regardless of preferred term, I don't even know how to create/make/grab one.

  3. What great shots! They are all great, but I love the dog meme....I am unabashedly a dog person. :-) And kudos to you for abandoning social media. I have found it a cheap source of entertainment. We're always sharing the funny videos and memes at work.

  4. I have a grandson who discovered the secret to the high score, too. I think he was three or four.

  5. Don't children grow up quickly! It's scary, makes me feel more ancient than I am!
    'Kyle wants a golden retriever' - and quite right too. Best dogs ever.
    The photographs are fab, Matt. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. I love seeing these. I am quite a skee ball fan, but never considered his strategy. Perhaps it's time.

  7. I love old pics and remember when Hayden jumped out of the tree. Screenshots are great when you need to save something.

  8. Now that twitter account has class.
    Coffee is on

  9. wonderful memories...
    Your kids look so happy

  10. Too many memories
    Very nice sharing :)

  11. Great photos - love the shot of Kyle being surprised by the song - lol

    I wonder why Mrs. Shife is not in a rush to get a puppy? NO I DON'T, NOT A BIT :D

  12. sorry, I didn't see the picture carefully, I just aware that Kyle "broken her leg" jumping down the tree.... hope, everything goes well with her now....

    Yes, kids quick to learn everything.

    Have a wonderful weekend


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