Random Acts of Shifeness - Memorial Day Weekend

  • Today is the day. 
  • The kids are done with school. Kyle and Hayden were both a little sad because they're going to miss their friends. Hayden is especially going to miss her teacher. They had a special bond and Hayden adored her. 
  • Kyle did mention that he was looking forward to getting his freedom back.
    I said, "Take it easy, Braveheart."
    He said, "Who's Braveheart?"
    Kyle now has added another movie to his watch list.
    He might be waiting a while for this one.
    I think the recommendation is 17+.
  • Even though the kids are done with school, it doesn't feel like summer. We have had almost 10.5 inches of rain this spring, which is a lot for us. And it's supposed to rain all weekend. 
  • "Game of Thrones" is over. Any suggestions for a new show to obsess over? 
  • May is almost over and I need to do a June challenge. My plan is to quit social media for the month. I think this might be a lot harder than I think but I believe I will feel a lot better if I say bye, bye, bye to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
  • We will also be saying goodbye to Ted at the end of the month. His humans are coming to get him and he's off to his new home in Alabama. We will miss him but I will not miss having 4 eyeballs staring at me when I am eating a snack.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a lovely weekend. I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Is raining here now too.
    Kiddos here are going into
    June + because of snow days.
    Give Ted a hug and ear ruffle
    from us!

  2. Perhaps you could find him a book on Wallace. I wish I could recommend one, but haven't read any of what's available.

  3. Summer and school out. I wouldn't know what to do. It been a over 10 years since both of my son graduate.
    Coffee is on

  4. Full disclosure: I have never watched Braveheart.

    We've had rain here. One day was even stormy. This sort of thing is almost unheard of in May around these parts. The hills are still green, so that's a plus.

  5. I wonder what Ms. Frizzle will do without her playmate; it will be an adjustment for all of you.

  6. Happy Summer to your kids! I think I loved summers as much as my kids did when they were younger. It was so much more relaxed for all of us.

    Do you think Ms Frizzle will miss Ted? If so, I hope she adjusts fast, and with kids home, she probably will.

    Have a great week, Mr. S.

  7. ' bye, bye to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. '

    Phew! I thought for a minute you were going to leave us bloggers in the lurch.

    Have a great time with the children and dog.

    Oh, and thanks for your nice remarks about my last but one post.

  8. We've had a cooler than normal spring with more rain than we usually do. It's been a blessing to me because my ac isn't working on my suv. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay in the 70s all summer long....

    I remember as a kid our parents gave us lists of chores to do every day. This was mostly because they worked all day and didn't want us goofing around. :-) Our favorite was to scrub the garage floor, because we could then "ice skate" on the floor for awhile before we rinsed it. Which in retrospect was fairly risky ~ it was very slippery.

    If (& that's a big IF) I find something on the tube worthy of replacing GOT, I'll let ya know...

  9. I haven't seen Braveheart either.

    Here in the UK we are having less rain than usual, much less. Weird. Not that I'm complaining but it's hard to deny the weather changes that are going on in our world.

    I don't have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and I don't feel I'm missing out. I find it hard enough to keep up with blogging as it is.

  10. Happy summer to you and your kids...

    and don't forget to watch every steps of your dogs ...hehehe...lol...just kidding.

    # In Louisiana, we face higher temperature above F 92 degree in summer

  11. if you want laughs..I recommend and recommend HIGHLY the canadian tv show..Letterkenny..it's a yafta..


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