She Was Born Today

April 5, 1949.
My mom would have been 70 today.
How's that for a start to the blog?
Just a jolt of jarring information right from the get-go.
I always think of her.
But today I think of her more than usual.
And I am also reminded of two quotes that feel appropriate to me on her birthday.
The first one is by Cicero: 

“The life of the dead is placed on the memories of the living. The love you gave in life keeps people alive beyond their time. Anyone who was given love will always live on in another's heart.” 

The second one is from a song written by Brian Fallon and the band Gaslight Anthem: 

"And if you never let me go
Well, I will never let you down" 

To me, the second quote is how I would explain the first quote to somebody if they asked me.
I'm not the best at translating things.
I have my moments but it's definitely not something I would put on the resume.
Death is an inevitable part of life.
We all die.
However, she lives on through me and my family
And in that way, she has created something that can't be killed.
So, I guess, the whole point of my blog today is to tell that my mom cheated death. 😊
I had to try to leave with a little bit of humor.
If you want a little more, watch about 15 seconds of me interacting with my mom.

I hope you are well. Thank you for being a friend and I look forward to connecting with you soon.
Take care and have a great weekend,


  1. I'm sorry your mother is gone. Far too soon, it seems to me. Happy birthday, Mom!

  2. Yes, she does live on & that's a wonderful thing. I have that same thought about my dad when I visit with my paternal Uncle. --similar expressions, similar humor. Family can be a terrific reminder of those who are no longer here.

  3. That was sweet :) She will indeed live on through all of you.

  4. You're so right - those we love live on in our memories and hearts. Anniversaries can be hard, but after the sadness the warmth of good memories creeps back in, too. If we choose not to think about it because it hurts too much, we don't allow the good to come to mind either. Well, that's what I think anyway, from my own experience.

    Your mom sounds like such a kind and bubbly lady! And you don't look a day over twelve in that video :) Just kidding, lol

    Have a nice weekend, Mr. S. I hope the sun shines for you.

  5. I got lost in the changes on your blog so I will just send happy greetings to everyone. Happy Everything to you all x

  6. I'm sorry you lost your mom so early on. I'm glad you have those memories of her plus the video. She will live on through all of you.

  7. Although I'm sorry that she is no longer with you, it says something wonderful about her that you and the family remember her with love. And that's what its all about. Love.

  8. I am sorry that your mother is gone...but, She lives on through all of you.

  9. Still sorry she's gone, but I still love the stories and how you talk about her.


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