Random Acts of Shifeness - Plutonium

  • I am still debating on what to do for my March challenge. (Quick recap: no booze in January. No added sugar in February) I like the idea of doing time travel but I haven't been able to procure any plutonium. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. 

  • I survived the no added sugar with no added temper tantrums. It wasn't that bad. I had a craving for a candy bar this week but then I thought about where I could buy plutonium and forgot all about it.
  • I am still in disbelief that it's March already. 
  • Speaking of March that means we are getting close to the spring of deception here in Idaho. It got really warm (fool's spring) towards the end of January then we had the wettest February since they started recording that kind of stuff. 
  • Frizzle was a big fan of the wet weather as it created a lake in area where she plays fetch. This picture was also taken during the 2 hours we had sunshine last week. You forget how much you miss the sunshine until there's no sunshine for a few days. If you send me $20, I can email you more profound thoughts like that. You're welcome for my brilliance. 

  • Well, that's all for today. Hope you're well, thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. The 11 seasons of Idaho sound like 10 too many.

    Maybe March could be a 'credit free' month? All purchases could be made either with cash or by debit.

  2. During February in my part of the UK we had a heatwave, three days of brilliant sun and very hot. Unbelievable! No I wasn't dreaming. It's all change again now - wet and freezing.
    Keep up the foodie restrictions, you're doing well.

  3. Haha...Be careful about googling things like that. You could get a knock on the door.

  4. Apparently every region has it's own crazy weather patterns. We had snow and freezing temp's one week ago Friday, but by Wed. we had temp's in the mid 50s. We are in the grips of "fraudulent spring", which will probably be followed by "winters return". I reposted this on FB this week~ Winter: don't make me hit you with my flip flop. I related because those are my shoe of choice as long as my toes don't freeze off. :-)

  5. About 20" of snow on the ground here, very
    cold, 21 this morning, then 40s the end of
    next week. Flood!
    Abby is proud of Frizzle.

  6. Plutonium - they used to make it here.
    You're to late to the party...

  7. You got the rain, we got snow. The second highest record in history for Feb. I like Bea's idea about no credit for the month.

  8. Let's see--Bea warned you off credit and Harry off less than idea internet searches. Valerie advocated food restrictions. I think all we're missing is unprotected sex. Just do it (!) and you'll be fine, young as you are.

  9. I under stand Idaho season and I call it Multi season, just like multi personality.
    Coffee is on

  10. If I send you $10, do you send me half-brilliant thoughts or just half as many?

    Our weather is all over the place, too. Only two more weeks until St. Pat's Day, after which we have been PROMISED warmer than usual spring weather!


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