March Madness 2019 - Boring

10 days in and daily blogging is coming along.
I don't feel like it has been an easy process.
I am struggling to come up with interesting topics.
Maybe I am just not as fabulous as I think.

Or maybe I am a lot more boring these days. 

To be fair, we have been pretty dull lately. 
Mrs. Shife has been sick, Hayden was sick on Friday and Kyle was ill all weekend. 
Kyle felt so bad that we didn't even make it to the theaters to see "Captain Marvel." 
But Mrs. Shife was feeling better so I watched a movie with her, "Bohemian Rhapsody." 
It was OK. 
Didn't love it, didn't hate it. 
I think my ambivalence has to do with the fact that I never got into Queen the band. 
There are a few upcoming events that should spice things up around Casa de Shifley.
Mrs. Shife has a birthday next week, spring break is also next week and Kyle turns 10 at the end of the month. 
So that's the blog for the 10th day in March in the year of our Lord 2019.
Hope you're doing well.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Everyone get up to snuff soon!
    S and N saw Captain Marvel and
    loved it. :-)

  2. I hope Mrs Shife is feeling better now. Come on, Matt, at this time of year you are not entitled to fun and frolics, you are supposed to snuggle up in bed and sulk. Or something (wink).

  3. Oh, those were the day! Hope those under the weather surface soon, bright as shiny new pennies.

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon. You must have been eating your Wheaties (because you are still healthy). It's good everybody got it over with before the fun times arrived, at least.

    I was never into Queen when they were popular, but I "discovered" them about six months ago, just before all the talk about the movie, and watched a British documentary on Freddie Mercury, and I was hooked. When I listen to their music now I appreciate it more, understanding the depth of his talent better. I don't know whether to see the movie or not. I'm thinking "not".

  5. I couldn't blog daily. To come up with various, interesting topics to write about would be too great of a challenge.

    May your household be back in good health soon!

    I dug Queen in as much as I dug all the music on the jukeboxes of my childhood.


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