March Madness 2019 - That's A Wrap

By the time you read this, spring break 2019 will be over and all of the Shifleys will be a little depressed. It was a good break but now we have to get back to our regularly scheduled programming of work and school and other stuff. Here's a recap of the week:

3/15 - Grandma and Grandpa arrive
3/16 - Prep for Mrs. Shife's birthday extravaganza. Family hike to Lucky Peak.
3/17 - Mrs. Shife's birthday. Family hike to Wilson Creek.
3/18 - Grandma and Grandpa leave. Movie night.
3/19 - Family hike to Wilson Creek again.
3/20 - Library adventures and trampoline fun.
3/21 - Discovery Center of Idaho.
3/22 - Birds of Prey. Shoshone Falls. Hot springs.
3/23 - A dinner party with our neighbors.
3/24 - Hello, darkness, my old friend, returns to welcome us back to the real world.

Thanks for stopping by. I will talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Sounds like you and your family had a really good break.

    May the easing back into normal routine go smoothly!

  2. You all had a great time, pity it all has to end for the sake of school and work and other stuff.

  3. Our spring break was week before last ~ so I can identify with the dark feelings of returning to our regularly scheduled obligations!

    Sounds as though the family was busy doing fun things though! Drat, I really need to get out more. :-)

  4. That sounds like a great week! Ease back into life slowly :)

  5. Glad a good time was had
    by all!

  6. I think it's been a lovely, family week. Hooray for all of you. Now, please help the Smiley to stand up. It's a sad image over a lovely post.

  7. Back to the routine - not fun. I sympathize.

    But you have made a bunch of new memories, and that's a plus.


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