March Madness 2019 - Terrible Ideas

I have a whole bunch of stuff that I never share with you guys because they are terrible.
But I went on a 3-hour-hike with Mrs. Shife and the kids today so my decision-making skills are not something to brag about currently.

Or maybe they are even worse than I am imagining.
I will let you decide.

Terrible idea #1
Nickelblack: An African-American cover band that only plays Nickelback songs.

Terrible idea #2
Movie idea. A remake of "Backdraft" with nothing but African-American actors and we call it "Blackdraft."

Terrible idea #3
Movie idea: "You Complete Me" is a story about a veteran with no legs who falls in love with a veteran with no arms at a VA hospital.

Terrible idea #4
Tell this joke to your significant other: I once paid $500 for a hand job. My brother said he really needed the money.

Terrible idea #5
Tell this to the judge during your trial: Have you ever seen the face of a sexually satisfied woman?

Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. I will talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


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