March Madness 2019 - Kyle and Hayden Memories

I am going down memory lane a lot this month. Good thing they are pretty good memories.
I was checking out some old blog updates and came across these gems from the blog on this very day 5 years ago, which would have made Kyle a 4-year-old and Hayden a 2-year-old. 
  • Mrs. Shife sent me this funny text while I was at work: Guess who went poop in the potty like a big girl today??!!! (Hint, not me LOL).  I did LOL after reading it. 
  • Hayden Ralph. A teacher at Kyle's kindergarten registration asked Kyle what his sister's last name was and he said Ralph. We have called her Wreck-It Ralph since she started walking because she has made a habit of destroying things. Well, nowadays we just call her Ralph when she powers up to destruction mode so Kyle politely explained that is why her last name is Ralph to the teacher, and Mrs. Shife and I did our best not to bust out laughing. 
  • So the other funny and creative thing that Hayden said to me the other day went down like this … One of her favorite pastimes (if we let her) is to climb in the fridge. Every day there is an attempt to meet this driving need   On Monday, the kids had just watched this UMI ZOOMI cartoon where the car "eats" different shapes and gets different superpowers. Well, in the midst of round 789 of snorting and stomping making her demands to climb in the fridge known, I hear her say, "COME ON SHOES, SUPERPOWERS, CLIMB!" 
    Do I applaud the problem-solving skills or be worried that my 2-year-old has seen too many cartoons? 
  • And here's one of the other things Kyle and Hayden were doing back in the day to entertain themselves:


  1. The years fly by when you have kids. Soon you'll be talking about what university you hope they get into. :D

  2. Loved reading the memories, especially the second one. Oh my, doesn't time fly?

  3. Kids were great, weren't they! Whoops, yours still are.
    My grandson called those needs "burning desires." The worst (I thought) was his burning desire to use the power saw.

  4. It's good to have something to jog our memories, whether it's photos, blogging, FB or anything else. The days can be long when you're raising kids, and it's too easy to forget all those cute things and get bogged down in homework and after-school activities and discipline. Love the one with both kids in the plastic box!


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