March Madness 2019 - Animal Humor

It was another long day at working fixing the website at work. 
I found some funny animal things on the Google machine to make me laugh.
Which one is your favorite? 

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I will talk to you tomorrow. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


Valerie said…
Thanks for the morning smiles, Matt.
My favorite is the punkass pug.....that's exactly what I figure a dog is saying IF we could understand them, which I believe is a blessing that we can't. Otherwise, we'd constantly be telling them to SHUT UP.

On the other hand, I will NEVER lift a dog's tail up again.....ugh.
Hard to pick one! But the first
one got the biggest laugh. :-)
Joanne Noragon said…
I think you could get out of the month on cartoons.
jenny_o said…
I like the phone book one! Sometimes internet funnies save my sanity :)
kden said…
any animal gif/meme is a good one.