Random Acts of Shifeness - Challenge Accepted

  • Dry January was successfully completed and I celebrated by drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and watching a cinematic adventure with Kyle on Feb. 1. We enjoyed "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Kyle was drinking water in case you were wondering. 
  • I am doing another challenge for February and this month I'm avoiding added sugar. So any foods that have any additional sugars included are no longer part of my diet. Goodbye ice cream, donuts and cinnamon rolls. 
  • I think I am going to try something new every month. Any suggestions for March? Maybe  knitting? macaroni art? soap carving? competitive dog grooming? time travel? 
  • Screenshots. First up, a quote from the movie "The Goods," which featured Will Ferrell dressed as Abe Lincoln falling to his death. I guess you can sort of conclude that from the quote. You're welcome for my brillance. 

Next up is a Facebook memory. Here's Hayden just over 2-year-old waddling around in a snowsuit. 

Fast forward 5 years later and she's starring in a digital ad campaign for Boise State University.  

Finally, here's a poem from Kyle. I like it. The kid has some talent. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. I may have to turn Ralph over
    to Kyle!
    Snow, snow and more snow here... :-)

  2. I could give up alcohol easier than sugar, kudos to you for doing both. I love FB memories, so many things I had forgotten. Now I'm starting to see all the dogs I have sat the last couple of years; pretty sweet.

  3. The poem is well-crafted. The kid has talent. :)

    I've taken to using stevia to sweeten most things these days. I will, however, put maple syrup on waffles. Waffles sans syrup are crap.

    Maybe March could be a bread-free month?


  4. Kyle definitely has talent.... I am sure I couldn't have written a poem when I was her age.

    I've given up giving up on things but I remember when I gave up smoking for a month and people telling me it wouldn't last. It did! Enjoy your weekend, Matt.

  5. I love the poem. Colin has started to write song lyrics. My plan is to write some music for him to accompany his lyrics as a surprise.

  6. I love Kyle's poem! He will go far :)

    That must be kind of exciting for Hayden to be in the ad - when she becomes famous she can say that's where it all began.

    Good for you for sticking with your challenge. I've been trying to cut down on sweets (I'm not strong enough to cut them out) and it's NOT GOING WELL. So I bow to your self-control.

    And yes, I think you should do time travel next month. Report back.


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