Random Acts of Shifeness - He's back

  • We're a two-dog household again as Ted has returned for two weeks. Kyle and Hayden are super happy to have the four-legged marshmallow back under our roof. Frizzle will probably be ready for Ted to head back home after about a week. Here's a recap of Frizz and Ted's excellent adventure if you need a refresher. 
  • Speaking of adventures, I had myself one on the freeway today. I was cruising down the road at a law-abiding 65 miles per hour when I reached for my beverage by the lid but the lid had other ideas. I thought we were doing the tango but the lid was all about a solo performance and left me hanging. And it turns out the cup was a huge fan of gravity so it dropped right into my lap. Ahhh, there's nothing quite as refreshing as dumping 44 ounces of cold ice tea on your crotch. I was also on my way to work so I had to turn around to change my clothes. Good times. 
  • New beer idea: Dr. Phil Pilsner - it pretends to be a beer but it's not. What do you think?
  • I have lost 6 pounds since I started Dry January but I think the weight loss could have been more substantial if it weren't for caramels. I guess I need I to replace all of the sugar I am not getting from alcohol. I think I have polished off about 612 pieces this month.  
  • Hayden was so mad at me for eating the last of the caramels that she made me do handstands to see if I was hiding any in my pockets.

  • And a terrible pun for no reason at all:
  • How has your week been? 
  • I certainly appreciate you stopping by and saying hello. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Nothings better than a dog, unless it's more than one....or two, three, etc. They look like they enjoy each others company.

    Men ~ smh ~ a guy quits putting creamer in their coffee, loses 10 pounds. Women: cut salt & eats mostly veggies, work out 2 times a day = +1 pound. Truth.

  2. Ice tea all over the pants. Dang it!

    Reminds me of another dumb joke. Did you hear about the Native American who drank too much Iced Tea? He drowned in his own tea pee.

    Good job on the weight loss and soberness. You going to keep the sober time going or get back on the sauce?

  3. Two doggies are twice the fun! And work and
    vet bills and three times the hair. :-)

  4. Get those legs, cough, cough. I was going to say something about Pilsner but the legs put everything but legs out of my mind. Thank you, Matt!
    Nice to see the dogs back together again.

  5. I'm doing no alcohol so far this year, but not sure I'm losing any weight because of it. I should check. Maybe.

    Food and drinks all seem to do weird things when I'm driving. Going home to get into fresh clothes and then trying the day again seems to be the best way to go with that!

  6. How awful to lose your drink. Hope it was unsweetened; easier clean up.

  7. My 'dry January' began in Dec. 2015 & hasn't stopped yet. I remember becoming a sugar-hound for the first few months. Lots of hot cocoa was consumed. Regarding the iced-tea incident: don't drink and drive? ;)

  8. It would have been a whole lot worse if that drink had been hot tea. Maybe if I cut out the booze I'd lose a few pounds.

  9. Ted a good name.
    Coffee is on

  10. I was picturing a hot drink until you said iced tea . . . even so, it's good that you didn't swerve into the wrong lane due to shock!

    Have fun with the doggy duo :)

  11. Don't mess with Hayden! It's nice for a dog to have a buddy. Even after Nellie's playdates were long over, she would cock her head at the recognition of a name mentioned.


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