Countdown to Nov. 21: Social Media

What are your thoughts on social media?
Necessary evil?
Can't live without it?
Still hoping MySpace becomes a thing again?
I think it has some positive and useful attributes but for the most part it just feels like a time suck.
Since I think I'm better off without social media, I am taking a break in November to see if my life is going to be OK if I am not on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
The only one that I was really active on was Twitter but I think I will be OK as I don't think I am going to lose too much sleep over deep thoughts like this:

That's all for today.
I will talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. When the band was living in our basement
    I used to keep track of their schedule,
    in and out of town, by watching their MySpace

  2. I gave up on social media or rather Facebook and Twitter on the grounds that it was a waste of valuable time. That's my excuse, I should have said on the grounds of all the rubbish on there. I don't want everybody knowing my business so t was the best thing I ever did.
    It's an unnecessary evil.
    Definitely can live with it.
    Never heard of MySpace!
    Already answered next question!

    Don't lose any sleep over it, Matt. lolol.

  3. I haven't ever opened a twitter account...I wasn't interested in sharing my random thoughts with random people for no good reason. So, I googled "stupid tweets". OMG.

    Here are 2 examples: "Did they come up with 911 as the police # after 9/11? #justwondering".
    "Ima stay a virgin for life as an example for my kids"

    There are a lot more, but the average stupidity level depressed me.

  4. Twitter confused me. Instagram is nice. Like FB more than I should admit, got my Mom started over 7 years ago and that's how we know she's doing OK :)

  5. Not a fan of social media but use FB to keep track of my brother's two kids and their little ones. It really does help to see them as they grow and then when they come visit annually I feel like I know them better.

    Good for you for kicking the habit to the curb for awhile. I hope you find it invigorating.


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