Countdown to Nov. 21: Election Day

Serious Mr. Shife alert. 
I posted the below message on Facebook six years ago.
It seemed like a good idea to share again on this Election Day.  
As we consider Election Day today, let us not forget those who sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom to exercise our democracy. Happy Birthday to Specialist Pat Tillman, who would've turned 36 today.
Pat Tillman will always be my hero. I was fortunate enough to meet him before he left for boot camp, and my daughter Hayden's due date was actually today so I thought that was a good sign from the universe that she was going to be OK.
I am going to vote today, and I hope you do too. I also hope that after the results are announced, the divisiveness and ugliness that has engulfed politics for this past year and beyond can end. Our country needs help, and we need politicians to come together, to work together, and quit kicking the can down the road to the next election cycle.
You and I might not see eye-to-eye on our political candidates or issues, and that is OK with me. But I hope you are with me in wanting to see politicians on both sides of the aisles to realize and understand that they need to set aside their differences to make our country a place that motivates, inspires, encourages and invigorates our citizens again. I want my son and daughter to be inspired to achieve greatness - and I know it is my job as parent to stimulate that in them - but I also need to show them their efforts will be rewarded because the US of A is the best damn place in the world.
Thanks for listening.

And here's a yearbook quote from Zachary Chastain. Mostly because I couldn't find a funny I voted image and because Zachary is wise beyond his years. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. :-)
    I remember MS going into labor with
    HJ in 2000. Was the election going to
    be decided before or after HJ was born?
    Turned out loooong after.

  2. Hahaha. Chasain ftw.

  3. That yearbook quote is truly funny.

    And I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on politicians and elections. I wish there was a better system. Unfortunately, no one has come up with one yet. Money and power seem to drive politics.

  4. I read the results today, wonder if they are to your liking.


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