Random Acts of Shifeness - Frizzleversary

  • Bingo. Bango. Dodge Durango. We celebrated Frizzle's anniversary or Frizzleversary this week. We got the yellow-bellied beauty two years ago on 10/8. The picture above was from that very day. Everybody was pretty pumped. I also ran through the yard in turquoise sun dress but unfortunately, no one captured it on film. You will have to take my word for it. 
  • Frizzle is a little more low key these days. She didn't do too much when I sang her the Frizzleversary song. Maybe it was my singing. Probably not. I have been told I am a good singer. Some have even said gifted. Those people are deaf but they said it. 

  • We got a new BBQ so we have the old BBQ discarded on the street like an old BBQ. I thought I did a good job of trying to find it a new home but I guess not. It still sits on the street waiting to go to a new home and continue to fulfill its destiny of cooking pieces of beef, fish, fowl or the like over an open fire. 

  • Do you think I should be worried about the warning I got on my computer last month? Seems fine, right? 

  •  Hayden and I are featured in an online advertising campaign. I think I was asking her if she will ever have a boyfriend and she's saying "NO!!!!!"

  • I feel like it has been a little bit since I shared a picture of Kyle so here's a picture of me and Kyle. He was a happy camper this day because I took him to a nerd fest or a Comic Con as some people like to call it. He had a blast and I am glad I got to share the experience with him. 

Well, that's all for this week. Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Slurps and loves to Frizzle on her anniversary
    and same to Finn when he arrives.
    Adorable pictures of the kids. Our OM/DI teams
    used to disappear every year into a local
    Geek/SciFi fest.

  2. Log-in attempt from Moscow? What could be a-miss?

    Happy Frizz-Day to your pooch!

    May the ole 'cue find a good new home.

  3. Frizzle likes to keep a low profile, I see.....I'm sure she enjoyed your singing, but lacks the ability to let you know how wonderful it was. Ha ha
    Seems like every few months or so I get weird notices on my computer, but I mostly ignore them. Never had one like that though! Unfortunately I have no mind-altering suggestions :-)
    Oh! And your kids are very cute ~ it's gonna be hard for you to keep up!

  4. Lookin' good in that ad, you two!

    Happy Frizzleversary to the whole family. In people years she's old enough to be getting a job and moving out. That's the difference between kids and pets, eh? :)

    Glad you and the boy had a good time together.

  5. I've gone all soppy.... it's seeing you and the children and that beautiful animal that does it! Happy Frizz day or am I too late? Ooooh I wish I still had my Lab.

  6. Great photo of Fritz and all seem pretty good on your end.
    Coffee is on


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