Random Acts of Shifeness - Bedazzled Rake

  • I saw an affirmation that I liked.
    I thought I remembered it.
    Then I remembered that I had a few adult beverages when I saw it.
    So the affirmation that I recalled was "I'm strong. I'm pretty. I'm easy."
    Which maybe works well for a bedazzled rake.
    And this might shock you but there are no images of a bedazzled rake on Google.
    I guess a bedazzled rake isn't so easy after all. 
  • The actual affirmation was "You're strong. You're prepared. This is easy"
    I was so, so close. 

  • I guess I got dressed with the woodland creatures this morning.
    Or maybe I was an extra for a hot minute for one of Robin Hood's merry men.
    They have to be remaking that movie again, right?
    The reason I bring it up is I had a foreign object in my underwear.
    I was really itchy.
    It almost felt like maybe a bug was running up and down my leg.
    It was driving me crazy.
    So when I got to work I went right into the bathroom to solve this mystery and this is what I saw.
  • I went and played fetch with Frizzle this morning but I still have no clue how these pine tree needles could have made their way up my leg and into my underwear. 
  • The November elections are right around the corner and I am getting spammed with all kinds of "good stuff" on my phone.
    I was feeling a little ornery today when I got a message and decided to have some fun. 

  • I sent them the Viagra GIF hoping they would reply with a "No" and then I could have told them that they had their answer. I guess robots aren't ready to talk about erectile dysfunction.
  • Here's a picture of Hayden that I think really sums up her personality. The school posted it on their social media accounts and it just made me laugh when I saw it. The firefighters were teaching the kids about safety but Hayden knew there was a photo opp so she had to pose for the camera. 

Thanks for stopping by, I will talk to you soon and have a wonderful weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. I saw the little cutie, her big brother and cousins
    this morning. Fed them all sorts of goodies, most of
    it healthy and I have some new pictures on my fridge.
    I'm going to need a bigger fridge!

  2. Funny stuff today, especially the pine needle. That could have done some real damage! I must confess about the dog rock I did. I looked up how to draw a jack russell, traced it and transferred it to the rock. There are just some things I can't do. But I will try, with no guarantee that I wouldn't do the same ;)

  3. Living in Florida, pine needles just show up everywhere randomly. I have yet to encounter one there.

  4. These pine needles are independent beings and actually have nothing to do with pine trees themselves. They just hang out under pine trees to confuse people. It's a small army planning a takeover.

    Hayden's operating on a whole different level than everyone else out there for the firefighter speech.

  5. I guess we could talk about issue facing Idaho, but why ruin a good thing.
    Now I don't recall what I want to comment about.
    Coffee is on

  6. I was going to say something about pine needles but Harry beat me to it.

    Like it or not, I foresee a great photographic future for Hayden.

  7. I haven't yet received political spam on my phone (does that 'test' SMS from the prez count?) and I'm not looking forward to it.

  8. Pine needles in your pants is never a good thing.

    That photo of Hayden smiling for the camera made me grin. Another Madonna on the way?

  9. I want to know more about Lionel and if he got on that older gal with help from his boner pills.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. I'm thinking the pine needle didn't go up your pant leg but rather down from the waistband, perhaps if you leaned over at juuuuuuust the right time when the tree was releasing it. Trees are devious like that. It's one way they get back at people for cutting them down for Christmas trees.

    Have a good week, Mr S and family!


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