Random Acts of Shifeness - You've Goat to be Kidding Me

  • More goat puns because we heard (or should I say herd) them all today:
    --> It just goat serious.
    --> Ain't nobody goat time for that
    --> I've goat this
    --> I've goat your back
    --> Totes ma goats
    --> I don't even know how I goat here
    --> Here we goat again
    --> Have a goat a second?
    --> You goat owned
    --> These puns have goat out of hand
  • Hayden told me today that if I didn't bring home batteries for her toy that she would eye roll me. She gave me an example of her eye roll. I will not forget the batteries.
  • Speaking of Hayden, she had a good accomplishment this week. She passed the swim test at the city pool and was able to go off the diving boards by herself. She had to swim two laps in the pool and tread water for 30 seconds. Not too bad for a 6-year-old.

  • Kyle and Hayden also got to float the Boise River for the first time. We went with our neighbors and had a good time. If you ever come to visit the capital of Idaho, you have to float the river. 

  • Well, that's all I got for this week. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. I got a kick out of the goats too!
    In my teenage years I was a lifeguard and
    taught swimming lessons. I don't think I
    ever had a 6 yr old accomplish what Hayden

  2. Oh wow. I just looked up some articles on the goats. That's an impressive sight. I think I just to expect to see that happening in Florida.
    I'm happy to see Hayden learning to swim so well. It's such an essential skill for a kid.

  3. Sounds like everybody accomplished something this week despite (or because of?) all of the goats.

    Summer of 2018 will forever be known in Boise as "Summer of the Goats," which would make a pretty good name for a book.

  4. Do goats have discerning palates, or do they just eat anything growing?

    Goats Gone Wild! Goatmageddon? (I'll get my goat.)

  5. Agree with Harry about the book.
    You'd better try hard to avoid those eye rolls, Matt, I hear they're lethal. Congratulations to her for her swimming abilities.

  6. I saw the story on the goats yesterday, what a great service to have your grass cut and fertilized all together. Lol. My only pun: "goat ahead, make my day".

  7. I was hoping you'd write about the goats, nice to see some good funny news for a change. We've floated the Spokane river a few times many years ago, lots of fun. Learning to swim is such an important thing to teach a child.

  8. I guess I like goats, and the milk.
    Coffee is on

  9. Well done to Hayden with her swimming. That's excellent for her age. Most adults couldn't do that.

    The goat link wouldn't work for me.


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