Back to School 2018

Kyle and Hayden headed back to school this week. I know it's hard to believe but we now have a 4th-grader and a 1st-grader in the house. 

The first week is always a little rough because the kids have to pay attention, follow instructions, sit still and do other things that require obedience for almost 8 hours. 

You know all the stuff that Mrs. Shife and I don't make them do in the summertime. =) 

So there have been a few meltdowns and short fuses with the kids after school, which we were expecting. But what we weren't expecting was the subject of the first phone call from their school. 

You always get a little worried when you see the caller ID flash "Your Kid's Elementary School" on your phone and it's usually followed by me saying something like "By the buck knuckle of George Constanza, what happened now?" 

This time the school was calling to let us know that Ms. Frizzle had escaped and was roaming unattended in the schoolyard. 

Yes, that Ms. Frizzle. She missed her little humans so much that went looking for them after they had left for school. Fortunately, all of the kids were in the gym for indoor recess because the air quality in Boise is pretty atrocious.

Boise is down there somewhere

I think we are at Red, which means the state song has been changed to "You Take My Breath Away" by Berlin. I linked it for you in case you were needing a new earworm. You're welcome.

Well, that's all for this week, folks. Thank you for stopping by, I will talk to you soon and have a great weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. No fun for Ms Frizzle when the kids go back to
    school. Today we have good air. Football teams
    have been practicing indoors. School starts
    here on the 28th. 4th grade and 1st grade - how
    did that happen!?!!

  2. Yes, it getting close to school time. But the smoke could go away.
    Coffee is on

  3. It was red here yesterday. Yellow today. :(

    Ms. Frizzle missed the kids! That's really very sweet.

  4. We don't start here until the 4th. Our grands are going into 6th, 3rd, Pre-K... I think... just crazy they are that old already.
    Aw, Ms. Frizzle loves her little people friends.
    Wow that is some haze out there. :(

  5. Kids in the UK don't go back to school until mid September. I enjoy less traffic on the road until then.

    Boy the air quality there looks crap. I hope that improves very soon!

  6. Who can blame Ms Frizzle for wanting to keep an eye on her playmates? Had a big smile on my face when I read that bit. Your weather sounds like ours.... terrible.

  7. My mom's school was near their house and has a great story about her then three year old brother wandering over to the school's playground in a pair of cowboy boots and only a pair of cowboy boots. Sorry to see the haze; that's usually the result of wildfires here in Florida, but that's probably drifting up from California.
    Thank you again for your support. I was pretty miserable this week and needed to get that out.

  8. Poor Ms. Frizzle. Even while Faith was in high school across the street, Nellie would watch her out the window until she was out of sight. One day last week the EPA said our air quality was the worst in the nation. Yea us.

  9. Well, your children are adorable. At work I've been asking the kids if they were happy to go to school ~ I asked one, "are you happy to be back in school or sad about it?"...after a 5 second thought, he said "both!". His Mom said the same :-)

  10. Yeah, the first week or three back are hard until everybody gets in the groove again. Poor Ms Frizzle as well . . . it's really like having another kid, isn't it? It's easy to see she enjoyed their company. I hope your smoke diminishes (or even disappears) soon. That makes me want to cough just looking at the photo.


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