Random Acts of Shifeness - Dog Days

  • Look what Facebook shared with me? Look at all of that knowledge I used to drop on my family and friends. Interesting that it was posted at 1:30 in the morning. Kyle was only a few months old back then so it would make sense that I wasn't getting much shut-eye. I certainly don't miss the sleep deprivation at all. Sleep is awesome. I definitely recommend it. 

  • My book is almost 4-years-old so I don't expect to get that many reviews anymore but one rolled in earlier this month and it certainly made my day. Always nice to hear that I made someone laugh and I really appreciate the man's persistence.  

  • Ms. Frizzle had herself a good morning. She got to play fetch for about 30 minutes before it got hotter than billy goat's ball sack in a jalapeno pepper patch. She then helped herself to an entire plate of glorious, greasy cooked bacon. 
  • Frizzle is bacon me crazy. Ha. I couldn't resist. 
  • No GIFs this week, but I ran across two dog videos that made me laugh so you lucky you. But not as fortunate as the lucky duck in the first video of the week. Wait for it. 

  • Another video of the week: Nothing to see here. I'm not suspicious. You're suspicious.

Well, that's all, folks. Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Those videos were very funny, you're right - I was amazed to see that duck get up and skedaddle out of there; clearly it was playing possum and it got a break.

    I bet Ms Frizzle thinks you're the greatest family in the world for leaving that plate of bacon for her :D

    Have a good weekend, Shife family! (nice book review, by the way)

  2. Is hard to be a black lab in this heat!
    Luckily we all get up early around here.
    Good review :-)

  3. Looking at what time people post things on the internet - including what time I have posted things on the internet - is always fun and informative for me.

  4. I did not know that ducks played dead! Very clever bird.

    I can only imagine how sleep deprived new parents must be. The old FB post is a wee bit o' wisdom, to be sure.

  5. I love the fb memories, I get to see Nellie again and all the trips we went on. Smart duck.

  6. I must re-read your, sorry, my book. I could use a good laugh. Love the Labrador chase, it took me back a few years. Have a splendid weekend.

  7. Great videos, all dog owners have seen that "nothin to see here, move along!" look. I'm really glad I don't come home to that mess anymore......
    I guess when I decided to follow your blog I had never read the vasectomy diaries, omg, there are tears running down my cheeks.

  8. I think it's a good thing I don't have to worry about any more kids, because now that I am on Facebook, those late night thoughts could be a dangerous thing. And no mustache for me. Back to clean shaven.


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