School's Out: 2018 Edition

Kyle mustache you ask a question. It is hairy important. Please don't shave it for later.
Can you believe he's now a 4th-grader? And Hayden is a 1st-grader?
Yes, it's true. School is officially out for the summer.
Wish Mrs. Shife and I luck as we no go into survival mode and try to make it to August 20th.

Thanks for stopping by. I will talk to you soon. You are the best. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


Was talking to Gma P last night. All astonished
at how quickly they've grown! :-) Have a fun summer.
Oldest nephew graduating from UC-Santa Cruz in June. ak!
Harry Hamid said…
I didn't grow a great mustache like that until at least the 6th grade...
Jon said…
I saw the mustache and thought, "Oh cool. They had a 'Dress like the Pringles guy Day".
Again, I really do appreciate your support through all of this. Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise, but it's probably a long time before we find that out.
Bea said…
Man, I wish I could grow a mustache like that! ;)
kden said…
Our schools won't be out for a few weeks yet. That's when we rejoice because we get our streets back and our clients can actually find a place to park next to our house.
Valerie said…
I can't believe it either. No wonder I feel ancient! Hope the school holidays are not to wearing for you all. Enjoy!
jenny_o said…
What an awesome mustache! Congratulations to the kids on moving up in school, and you have my sympathy, I mean my best wishes, as you enter summer holidays :)