Random Acts of Shifeness - Outfarted

  • Hello there. One week under my belt at the new gig and it's going well. It feels like a good fit for me and I'm really looking forward all of the work I will be doing. My official title is Sr. Communications Coordinator for Extended Studies at Boise State University. I will be sure to share my glamour shot once it's live on the website. 
  • I gave Hayden's outfit for school this morning a thumb's up and she proceeded to tell Mrs. Shife that she had been "outfarted" by daddy. I had to remind Hayden that the word she was looking for was outvoted.
  • Speaking of Hayden and Mrs. Shife, here's a good picture of them before they went to a fundraising event at Kyle and Hayden's school. I have been blessed to have these two beautiful ladies in my life.

  • And here's the other lady in my life: 

And what do you do after you go swimming and try to catch ducks: 

  • And here's my GIF to you this week. 

Thanks for stopping by. I will talk to you soon and have a wonderful weekend. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Gorgeous ladies! :-)
    And loves the worn out doggy picture.
    Go Broncos!!

  2. That is one fancy ass title! Glad it's going well. All your girls are beautiful.

  3. That is a sweet picture of your two ladies. Knockouts! And the doggy lady is pretty cute as well.

    Ouch, that poor man - did that steer/bull/whatever have a grudge against him or what?!

    Glad to hear your new job is starting off well. Of course, knowing the difference between outfarted and outvoted gives you an edge in communications in general ... Seriously, sounds like an interesting position.

  4. Glad to hear that the job is working out. Don't feel bad about being 'outfarted' by your daughter. Mine tells me all the time that I 'have a big booty'. Probably not the same thing though...

  5. Love the photograph of two beautiful ladies. Glad to hear the first week of the new job went well. From the name it sounds a decent place to work. I hope you tell us more about it as time goes on .. and don't forget the glamour shot. Enjoy your weekend, Matt.

  6. congrats on the excellent new position. miss frizzle looks divine.


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