Random Acts of Shifeness - Halloween Is In The Air

  • Halloween is almost here and the kids have finally decided on their costumes. Hayden will be Mulan and Kyle is going to be Boba Fett. Ms. Frizzle is still undecided but she's leaning towards Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." Maybe she and I can be twins.
  • I'm still in mourning about the U.S. Men's National Team losing to Trinidad and Tobago and not qualifying for 2018 World Cup. That is definitely a sentence I never thought I would have to type. 
  • Kyle and I were pretty excited to see the new "Star Wars" trailer. Kyle was not excited to learn he still has to wait more than two months to see it. He's really going to be bummed when I tell him he has to pay for my ticket. Ha!
  • Happy Friday the 13th. Are you feeling superstitious today? 

  • If you need to check and make sure your tear ducts still work then you should watch this video of an 11-year-old girl getting the news that she's being adopted. 
  • Or you can just watch "This is Us" on NBC. Man, even the commercials they run during this show get to me. 

  • Corny joke of the day: Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water? Because he was a little horse.
  • Corny joke of the day #2: A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer, the bartender says "Sorry, we don't serve food here."
  • My GIF to you:

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. That cat and I are having exactly the same week.

  2. Sound like all is going well for up coming Halloween.
    Cofffe is on

  3. Talked to the farm - they had snow and their power is out!

  4. I hope we get to see the kids' costumes. Loved yours!

  5. ms frizzle makes an excellent dorothy, but not as good as yours. must be the shoes.

  6. I'm staying away from the "This Is Us" thing because I know I'll just cry like crazy.

    So speaking of Star Wars, today I found a children's Star Wars book from 1979 that someone was giving away for free on the street! I'm texting a pic of it to my Star Wars nerd dad buddies.

    Have a good Halloween with the family if I don't talk to you.

  7. I don't know which Dorothy is funnier!! I salute you for being willing to wear that costume, Mr. S. Hope your kids are enjoying the lead up to Hallowe'en. I remember the last two weeks before Oct. 31 were always a lot of fun in our house when our kids were young.

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