Random Acts of Shifeness -- Bear Butts

  • How's the weather in your part of the world? We are feeling the effects of all of the forest fires in the West. Our air quality was purple this week, which I learned isn't good. And I didn't even know purple was an option. I would think that they would choose a different color than purple because it really doesn't convey a sense gloom and doom to me. But it turns out they really don't give a bear's bald behind what I think. And here's a visual of bear's derriere without hair in case you needed it. Bonus points if you know what the movie this scene is from. And the scene if you want to watch it. I will have to write about my memories of this movie sometime.
  • I got the labs back from my doctor last week and it turns out that I am just cuckoo for cocoa puffs. No thyroid or testosterone problems. I have depression/anxiety. Since it seems to be getting worse as I am getting older, I am going to have to be medicated for the rest of my days. I wish it was as simple as having decreased testosterone but that's not the case. 
  • We gave the kiddos a nice surprise over the Labor Day weekend and got them season passes to the water park for the rest of this year and next year. They take after Mrs. Shife and just love being in the water. 
  • Has anyone seen a good movie lately? I am looking for any recommendations. Mrs. Shife thought it would be nice to watch a movie together this weekend. I suggested we plant our butts on the couch and watch nothing but football but for some reason she didn't like my idea. 
  • I have written exactly 0 pages since I shared my new literary adventure with you. I'm not sure where my motivation ran off to but I look forward to it returning soon. Maybe I need to find a new way to inspire myself.
  • Hope all is well in your part of the world. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. We got our very own fire to add to the
    list of Western Fires. Only 250 acres but
    happened at 1am. Yawn. We are clearing today
    with the smoke. A bit of blue sky if you look
    straight up. xoxoxox

  2. I think I'd trade nearby wildfires for the hurricane we've got coming. They at least expect it to be a tropical storm or weak category 1 by the time it nears here, but that's just the kind of storm that wrecked us last year. Appreciate the kind thoughts our way.

  3. If you haven't seen Wonder Woman I recommend it. It was much better than I expected.

  4. Hella smokey here too, will be writing about that next week. We have not seen one movie this summer. We've checked a few times but nothing looked good. So back to Netflix we go. Have you seen the series Ozark? It's really good.

  5. We have wild fires in certain areas, but I would rather have them than stuff like Irma. I feel so sorry for people in those areas. Cheer up, Matt, chuck depression on the scrap heap. If i feel that way I tell myself to throw a worry over the left shoulder, Don't ask me why the left, but somehow it makes me feel better.

  6. It super smokey in panhandle part state...but I saw a facebook post it rainning in Canada west coast..might be some rain coming...Coffee is on

  7. my mind never felt better than when i was sweating like a pig splitting wood. i think most mind problems arise when our "auto-pilot" malfunctions and we start over thinking.

    or this might work; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUIAePRvPwY

  8. I hope you get the medication sorted out soon - chemical imbalance is a real thing, and it really stinks. Thank god for science for all kinds of diseases that need medicine, even if they are lifelong - diabetes, heart issues, thyroid imbalance, even excessive stomach acid (don't laugh, it's the bane of my life).

    I wouldn't want to be the one who waxed that bear's bottom.

    And finally, I've heard that A Man Called Ove (based on Fredrik Backman's book, which I loved) is good, and it involves a grumpy old man and is humourous. Hope I'm not too late with that recommendation.

  9. i live in south Asia Pakistan .currently temperature dropped from 40 plus to 30 or little above sometimes.
    hearing about storms and fires and then about earthquake last night, makes me panic and dull .
    my heart keeps praying for all who are in hardships May God bless them with peace soo ,amen.

    hope you feel better soon and find some inspiration to motivate you for writing


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