Fourth of July 2017 recap

I took a blogging break last week because we were on vacation.
The Shifes got out of the urban jungle and enjoyed some time in the oasis that is northern Idaho.
And the best way to share that experience with you is probably through pictures made through my phone. How was your Fourth of July?

Hayden Belle the fearless diver 

Kyle is not quite as fearless 

Kayaking at Heyburn State Park and Frizz approves this activity

When Frizz wasn't busy inspecting kayaks, she played "My stick is better than your stick" with her best buddy Finn, who is an 11-month-old black lab.

Captain's log: Being a captain on a log is hard work

Hayden lost another tooth while we were gone and she gave the Tooth Fairy a thumb's up for finding her. The Tooth Fairy has an excellent GPS system. 

Kyle and Hayden comparing their missing chompers. 

Fireworks in Farmington with Frizzle supervision. 

Frizz and Hayden dancing in the lentil fields. 

And then everyone was tired. Except for Frizzle. She's never tired.
Please tell me that puppies get tired someday. 

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. All that looks very familiar :-)
    Hmmmm, I think at age 10 Heidi finally
    settled down. Tar goes from collapsed to
    90 mph at age 7. Abby just rolls her eyes.

  2. Love that last picture of everyone zonked out from so much fun. Take care.

  3. That water looks heavenly, nice break from the heat. I read the story about the Boise dog being lost in the mountains for months, glad it had a happy ending. Yeahhhhh, you have a few years before the Frizz settles down.

  4. It's hard to not smile while looking those photos. Looks like a pretty awesome time. And you can get all of the full details on the post I'm about to author, but my consult went well and I'm in on the 24th for my surgery. Then, it's ten days of recovery.

  5. Family life, you can't beat it. Loved the photographs and am amazed at the way your children are growing up; Frizz too, of course.

  6. Looks like great memories were made!

  7. There's nothing like water and sun to tire humans out. I don't know about dogs, though ...

    Looks like an amazing, relaxing, wonderful holiday. You have a beautiful family.

  8. excellent adventures mr shife! the problem with those darn dogs is they can grab a quick 10 minutes sleep when you're not watching.

  9. I took a blogging break too... for about 11 months. I'm lazy like that. ;)
    Awesome pics of your sweet family. The 4th was nice here, bbq at daughter's, and town fireworks that we can watch from our street.


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