Random Acts of Shifeness - Suck it, Sports

  • My support of summer sports sucks straightaway. But I got alliteration going for me so that's nice. The two sports I follow the most in summer - soccer and baseball - aren't must-see TV for me right now. My soccer team, RSL, just got throttled in their last two games losing by a combined score of 11-3. They are really close to circling the drain and being the last place team in the league. My baseball team, STL, is mired in a 7-game losing streak and making me consider listening to Nickelback, drinking orange juice after brushing my teeth, and watching YouTube videos of prostate exams because that would be more fun than watching the Cardinals play. The madness must end soon or I might never be the same.
  • Did you ever watch "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"? Quick recap: A painful breakup leads a couple to have a procedure that erases each other from their memories. And I bring this up because I would like to erase the experience of watching the Netflix series "Bloodline" from my head. I don't want to ruin it for anyone that might still be watching it but I was less-than-satisfied with how they wrapped it up. 
  • We are taking the kids fishing tomorrow and got them all of their equipment the other day. It should be an interesting day. And by interesting I mean I might be quoting my favorite character, Gob, from the TV show "Arrested Development" a lot. 
  • Ms. Frizzle is on notice with Mrs. Shife. She ate one of her favorite shoes.
  • Frizz is working on her apology right now ... I hope.

  • Well, this update has just been full of awesomeness I suppose I should try and end on a positive note. Ummmmm, here's a good one:

Thanks for stopping by. Take care and talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Don't tell Hayden... the first fish I caught I
    insisted in wrapping up in a baby blanket and
    taking it to bed with me. Pretty sure my Mom
    removed it in the middle of the night.

  2. That is a great picture of you and the Mrs. I haven't started watching this season's Bloodline yet but have heard the same elsewhere. So I guess I don't have to worry about getting to it quickly.

  3. I'm a strong supporter of alliteration. The wise thing would have written that with alliteration involved, but I'm being lazy today . I appreciate the kind words over at my blog, though I am pretty sure that the RCPM concert will lift my spirits. Actually, we're it not for other plans on the following two nights, I could see them in two nearby cities (Athens and Chattanooga), but I'm not quite ready to follow them around like the Grateful Dead. Yet.

  4. Great pictures, and I love that guilty dog video.

  5. Nice picture of you and Mrs. S! It's important to get pictures of mom and dad as well as the kids. And the dog :)

    Oh, Ms Frizzle, be on your best behavior; you have been a naughty girl ... shoes are irresistible for girls of all kinds, it seems ...

  6. Had to smile at the mishap caused by Ms Frizzle, only because it reminded me of past similarities. Love the photograph. Have a great week.


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