Random Acts of Shifeness - School's Out For Summer

  • Kyle's last day of school is today and he's actually pretty sad about it. He made a couple of good friends this year and he's going to miss them. Especially a young lady that he thinks is pretty awesome. Hopefully, we can get him a few play dates this summer.
  • Somebody is ready for summer. 
  • I had to enable comment moderation because some delta bravo named "Blogger" keeps leaving stupid comments. I have reported it as spam but he or she is still getting through.
  • How was your Memorial Day? We had a nice weekend as we spent a few days in Utah to play in the water and check out a soccer game. As you can see below, the kiddos were pretty happy about being on vacation.

  • And Hayden celebrated the "unofficial" beginning of summer by losing her first tooth. 

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. First tooth lost! How much does the tooth fairy have to bring these days? ;-)

  2. A Susan B. Anthony coin is the going rate at Casa de Shifley. The kids get excited because it's a gold coin.

  3. The first tooth already? I sometimes forget how old she's getting. The first tooth usually pays off pretty good. Definitely worth a premium.

  4. Our schools won't be out for a few more weeks yet. Faith will be heading into finals week on the 12th then she'll be home for the summer! I remember the days when she was sad when school ended for the summer. He'll grow out of it!

  5. Look at those sweet faces! I loved it when our kids were that age.

    School is out already? Our schools will be open until the end of June! Tell your little ones how lucky they are!

  6. Yay! The tooth fairy will be visiting your house tonight!

  7. I had to go in for comment moderation for the same reason, or one of them. It's a real pain.
    Lovely photos and I hope you manage to get one of the tooth fairy when she comes. Do you have the tradition of leaving money under the pillow for the tooth fairy when each tooth that comes out?

  8. I've had comment moderation of my blog for years now, I don't like it but I do get the occasional nasty comment and it always happens when I'm not around my computer or in bed and sits there for 6 hours, so it's not worth the risk.

    I remember my older daughter lost her two top front teeth a day apart. The first one fell out naturally the second one was knocked out in a ballet lesson of all things!

  9. yeah, school's out and let the summer begin. I hope the summer brings you many happy family outings.


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