Pixel Parade 2017

Hi there. I'm 9-months-old, you can call me the Frizz or Frizzy or Frizzleliscious. I enjoy discussing the advantages of biomass energy, I think unicorns are real, bacon fanatic, not a fan of people who put clothes on their pets, and I caught and ate a bird today.  

Frizz gets a little excited when it's time to play fetch. 

Hayden is showing off her big girl haircut. She's totes adorbs.

Slumber party in the TV room was a success. They didn't even wake up when somebody named Mr. Shife was yelling profanities at the TV because his soccer team was being dumb.

Any guesses on what they are celebrating? Kyle & Hayden got dressed up for a Star Wars party. Kyle was an X-Wing pilot with his droid, R2D2, and I don't think you need any help on who Hayden is. 

Kyle's reaction after someone wouldn't quit taking pictures. And if you know me, then you know that I have the same body language when I am done doing something. 

And a wedding picture of two people I don't know for no reason at all. Isn't it nice seeing all of their love captured on their big day? Yes, love is in the air. Hey, what are those cows doing?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Loves all the pictures. May the Force be with you.
    Yes, Labradors and fetch, the only thing Tar can out
    dog Abby at. I remember being really alarmed at two
    bovines reproducing and informed my Uncle David of it -
    he ignored me!! And changed the subject!!

  2. Dasiy even being older doggy can still chase her ball. I wonder the person who hired the photgraper demand a discount...Coffee is on

  3. Somehow, Star Wars is lost on my kids. Maybe if Luke and Darth Vader had an epic bottle flipping battle my son might be interested.

  4. Great pictures as always, and Hayden is adorbs. The Frizz is huge for only 9 months!

  5. Fab pictures, Matt. I like the fancy dress the kids were dressed in. Hayden looks great with her mod haircut. Oh and if I could fall in love with Frizz even if she did eat a bird.

  6. 9 months, huh? Energy galore
    Sometimes it's better when kids sleep
    soundly. Haha

  7. i hate when birds crap on my laundry. you're lucky to have ms frizzle keeping the bird population under control.

    hayden looks adorable.

  8. Sounds like a busy, good life, Mr. S. :)


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