Happy 8th Birthday, Kyle!

Heavens to Murgatroyd!!!
For the love of fat bassets!!!
By the beard of Zeus!!!
Sweet Lincoln's mullett!!!
What in the wide of world of fudge happened?
The dude below is 8.

I can't believe it either, Kyle.

What is going on with Kyle at 8? 

He loves Hayden more than he will ever admit it and that makes me happy that they are very close. 

He loves fishing at Grandma and Grandpa's farm. And he's learning that even if you don't catch anything, it's still a good day. 

He loves making his sister laugh, and he's pretty good at it.  

He loves Ms. Frizzle and will spend time reading her stories. 

He loves opening presents especially the ones from Grandma and Grandpa because they always get him something awesome.

He loves getting the one and only thing he wanted for his birthday - an MSE droid. And Ms. Frizzle loves helping out by recycling the bubble wrap.

Lots of love in those pictures. And I guess that's one of the things I'm most proud about when it comes to Kyle Bunga. There will never, ever be any doubt in his mind how much we love him and how much love there is for him in his little world. 

So what else is going on? 
  • Being a Star Wars nerd, he became infatuated with the MSE (Mouse) droid, and that's all he wanted for his birthday. Those are hard to come by because they only sell them at Disneyland. Here's info about the Mouse droid in case you aren't all things Star Wars at your house.
  • He got an R2D2 cake. 
  • We will have dinner at one of his favorite places, Red Robin.
  • The other thing he asked to do was go to Build-a-Bear so that's on the agenda today as well. We have never been. It should be interesting. He said he wants to make Toothless, a dragon from "How To Train Your Dragon." We'll see if he holds firm when he sees all of the Star Wars stuffed animal options.
  • Then we are going to have a Nerf gun war with some of his friends.
  • Should be a good day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I have the day off, and get to celebrate the birth of my son, who in turns out, is an awesome, caring, loving boy that is growing up way too fast.
Take care. Thanks for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Kyle!!!
    And how did Finn get so big already?
    Should Tar be worried?

  2. They grow them big on the farm, AK.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy, Mr. S! They really do grow up awfully fast. Savour every minute. Sounds like you already have that part covered :)

  4. Happy Day to you and the Mrs. and Happy Birthday to Kyle! That's cool that Build a Bear has added more things to keep the young men happy too. I've never been either but it sounds like fun. We finally have sun today too and it looks like a good couple of weeks ahead of us.

    Hattie the dog is an English Cocker Spaniel, meant for hunting I guess. Kind of built like a Basset though.

  5. I'm happy for you guys. It's a pretty big birthday, or at least I remember my eighth birthday being a big deal. It amazes me that the older he gets, the more he looks like you.

  6. Kyle is at that perfect age for parents. Enjoy, and please give him my best on his special day.

  7. happy birthday dude!

    i'm still available for adoption if kyle wants an older brother. i can help you teach kyle to hate the eagles.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kyle. Tell your Daddy that I love hearing about you and Hayden and do please thank him for making me feel all emotional. I can't believe you are eight years old.... it makes me feel ancient!

  9. You wait until he's 18! Ha, no enjoy every moment of Kyle, as these days, months, years rush by!


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