GIFs ... Take Me Away

It's been one of those days that feels a lot like the GIFs below.
I need to laugh at someone else's problems because I don't want to think about mine.
I thought I could talk about it more but I can't.
I also don't want to be too vague because I don't want you to worry
I just got some bad news last night about a four-legged friend that I miss terribly and love a lot.
Most of you long-time readers know who I'm talking about but I just don't feel like getting into all of the details right now. Thank you for understanding.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


Oh. Dear. xoxxoxoxox

I tutored a skate boarding kid once. Keeping up with his
injuries was a full time job. 'Best one' was riding an old
fashioned metal tricycle thru the course. Probably him
in that video...
kden said…
Sending good thoughts for you and your little buddy.
Jon said…
Sorry to hear about your bad news. I know that little guy means a lot to you. The right words will come with time.
jenny_o said…
Ah, hell and damnation. I'm sorry you're going through this. So very sorry.
Stephen Hayes said…
Ready to listen wherever you need a friendly ear.
I want to be taken away. Work this week pretty much did me in.
Coffee is on
Valerie said…
Words don't express my feelings. Teary-eyed and feeling for you ((((Matt))))
E. Rosewater said…
sorry for your pain. spring is only 16 days away, that's what's keeping me going.
LL Cool Joe said…
Oh my word those gifs did make me laugh, which isn't very appropriate when you are suffering, sorry. Hope things improve soon.