Random Acts of Shifeness - Cats & Dogs

  • I have a new update in the continuing saga of "What did Ms. Frizzle eat this week?" If you chose brown electrical cord, then you are this week's winner. For the love of sweet hockey mullets, I don't know what this dog will not try to eat. 
  • Ms. Frizzle also got fixed this week. She was unlike herself for a day and then it was back to her normal activities like eating electrical cords. We were also told by the vet that she can't run or jump for two weeks because she has staples where they made the incision. I'm sure that will be no problem at all. The one consistent quality Ms. Frizzle has shown since we had her is that she just likes to lie around on the couch and just sleep all day. As Ricky Bobby might say: "Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! AAAAAHHH! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me!"

  • I might be adding cat herder to my resume. We have an irresponsible neighbor who has at least 4 cats that roam our neighborhood and do as they please. The cats have even gone into other people's homes and gone the bathroom inside the houses. I contacted our city officials and was told that if they come on my property they are trespassing and I can rent an animal trap to try and catch them. If I do catch them then I should take them to the Humane Society. Lucky me. I get to pay for an animal trap and also spend some of my free time dealing with someone else's lack of responsibility and consideration. Good times.

  • I posted my dilemma on a neighborhood website to see if anyone had some tips on how to handle the problem. Just in case you were worried, there are still of plenty of whack jobs living in the good old US of A. I was told to "be more tolerant and let the cats do their thing." I was also told how "disappointed" someone was of me for taking this approach. But this man wins the prize for his suggestion:
  • Kyle and Hayden are ready for some warmer weather. And also doing their best to not smile when we take their picture. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Abby would love to visit and catch the cats.
    Any cat - as she has not succeeded in this endeavor
    despite years of trying.

  2. Keeping Nellie down after being spayed was fruitless. The next day she was back to being her running, jumping, crazy, self. But electrical cords? You have a tough case on your hands my friend :)

  3. Nothing is worse than an irresponsible pet owner. I would have to vote for the low power bb gun. I use one to deter the squirrels from the bird feeder and it has been a long time since I have seen one near there. It won't cause harm to them; it's an attention getter.

  4. nice sunglasses! the dude! give him a check book and send him for milk.

    electrical cords were ruby's specialty. separation anxiety can be very painful.

  5. I'm almost speechless. A shovel, indeed. And shooting even with a BB gun can put out an eye, as you likely already considered.

    Could you warn the owners what you are planning to do and see if that would galvanize them to some action on their own? Too many people think cats are throwaway animals, and leave them to their own devices not caring if they come home or not. These cats - like any companion animal - deserve a better life.

    I hope that cord wasn't plugged in and "live" when Ms Frizzle gnawed her way through it ... But you'd have mentioned that, right?

  6. I hope my cat doesn't go around annoying people but I think I would have heard by now if he did. Desperate measures need desperate action, I can understand that, but shooting an animal worries me. I like the picture your almost smiling children.

  7. If you want to avoid the expense of trapping them, you could try setting up a shelter or two. If they have an outdoor shelter they like, it should keep them out of other people's houses. We had the same issue in our village. The stray kitties come to visit and eat, but they go home to their shelters at night.

    One of my cats has a fondness for electrical cords. I have to leave pretty much everything in the house unplugged whenever I leave. :/


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