Mr. Shife's Screen Shots

I was cleaning up the computer and noticed I had a few saved screen shots that needed to be shared before they went off to the recycle bin. So enjoy or you can just tell me how awesome I am. Either way it's cool. Do what you want because, you know, like it's a free country (At least I think it's still free ... this week).

 Taking head is definitely a different way to handle your PR problems. 

 I must have hit the Eastern European Target ads when I did a search last Christmas.

 I see what you did there, Pizza Hut. And I really don't miss working in digital advertising. 

Am I the only who thinks pooping in a ninja costume happens way more than laughing at a blind guy eating spaghetti? Oh it is just me. I just think there are more ninjas with loose bowls than there are blind guys eating spaghetti in public. 

I had to make this picture a little bigger to really show off those eyebrows. Do you think she got this done professionally or just tinkered at home to get the spermatozoa look?
Any guesses on the look she goes for below the border? 

Thanks for stopping by.
Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Those were great. I'm going to have to start paying attention and taking my own screen shots, while they're still free that is.

  2. Oh, Mr. S :) And to think all my screen shots are of pretty clothes I can't afford!

  3. I like the eyebrows, but then I always was a queer bird. As for countries.... yours and mine are gradually becoming 'un-free'.

    My computer decided to close down as I wrote this. It closed down and restarted all on its little own, what's more it came back to where I left off. How clever - and how irritating.

  4. My screenshots tend to be inside jokes between my wife and me. I'm glad you look for the humorous ones.

  5. Love the sperm shaped eyebrow comment.

  6. i lack screen shot technology, is it free?

  7. The sperm eyebrows are classic. :D

  8. Wait..there are Democrats in Idaho? lol, just kidding. At least the comment was helpful and not juvenile like the sperm eyebrows. That's so messed up. Funny though!

    You make a great point about the ninja costume. And how did Pizza Hut pull that shifty little trick? I cant order from either cause they're out of range. But I prefer the Hut anyhow.


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